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IMPerfect Creation_

After Melbourne and Kuala Lumpur, Chng Huck Theng held his solo bronze sculpture exhibition in home town Penang in One East Museum. Guest of Honor Lee Khai who is also the Chairman of Penang State Art Gallery commended Chng for his hard work and dedication being a serious artist in the Malaysia art world by virtue of conviction. President of China Central Academy of Fine Arts, Fan Dian who was also present talked about the beauty of the sculpture and more importantly the artist has managed to blend in society happenings to further provide life into these bronze work of art.

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Among the guests were Director General of National Art Gallery Malaysia, Prof. Datuk Mohamed Najib who wrote the foreward in the book ‘IMPerfect Creation’, advisor of Penang Art Society Tan Sri Dato Seri Tan Khoon Hai, Dato Chong Hong Fatt, Dr. Tan Boon Cheong and wife Dora, Vincent Tai, Carsten Sorensen and Susanna Hernesniemi.

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继墨尔本和吉隆坡之后,马来西亚艺术家庄学腾马不停蹄在其家乡槟城“一东博物馆”举行了他的个人铜像雕塑展。而槟州州立画廊委员会主席李凯作为荣誉嘉宾出席这项展览,并对于庄学腾为马来西亚艺术界的辛勤工作和奉献精神赞赏不已。中国中央美术学院院长范迪安作为大会贵宾谈到铜雕之美,他认为最难能可贵的是艺术家成功灌注并融合社会元素,让铜像作品体现更多生命力。其他贵宾包括国家艺术画廊总监拿督莫哈末纳吉博士,他曾为庄学腾的作品集《美丽与丑陋》题写序文。而槟城艺术协会的顾问丹斯里陈坤海、拿督张汉发、陈文昌医生和夫人 Dora、Vincent Tai,Carsten Sorensen 与Susanna Hernesniemi 等也受邀列席。

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The Heirloom 传家之宝

The Heirloom is a mesmerising and sophisticated contemporary piece that blends the impeccable Baba Nyonya style with delightful design. Thousands of lustrous and quality coloured stones with intriguing matrix including Rubies, Emerald, Alexandrite, Multi-coloured Sapphire, Diamonds, Spinel and Tourmaline were meticulously handpicked just to create an exquisite piece reminiscence of the Baba Nyonya era.

Only the finest quality and rarest stones were used for The Heirloom as it was set with precision and put together with intricate craftsmanship. This exquisite piece of jewellery represents one of the finest composition of stones that includes 226 pieces of diamonds (an equivalent of 1carat), 222 pieces of compelling coloured stones and 40g of gold. These stones were mixed to enhance its visual texture and light reflections.

Shaped like a key, The Heirloom represents elegance, prosperity and eternity while bringing meaning to inheritance and family roots. It exudes the true spirit of the Baba Nyonya culture through its intricate design and colours. It can serve as an inheritance for a family that can be passed on from generation to generation.

The Heirloom is a brainchild from the Founding President of One East Museum as a way to showcase the significance of the Baba Nyonya or the Straits Chinese Peranakan culture. This is a culture that harks back to the rich and notable Baba Nyonya families from the golden era where Chinese immigrants adopted local customs with a decidedly Western influences in their traditions and ways of living. It is also a specially designed piece to celebrate the success story of The North Banquet 2016 – The Hosts & The VIPs, the first red carpet gala dinner in Butterworth.

《传家之宝Heirloom》吊坠深具独特魅力,堪称是现代精致艺术品,尤其是结合有传统娘惹优美文化设计,再精挑细选出数百颗完美的红宝石、蓝宝石、祖母绿宝石、 亚历山大变石、蓝宝石、钻石等珍贵天然彩宝中嵌入在这件艺术品上,从颜色搭配、设计原型、细节构造, 都充分展现娘惹文化深厚的底蕴,完美的设计,让传家之宝毫无暇疵感。


传家之宝的形状如门匙,每一处细节都是精益求精,同时也蕴意一代传一代的含义, 更代表站高雅、繁盛及永恒。吊坠就有如在述说着一个家族的事迹,也流露出娘惹后裔在文化传承的真谛。传家之宝象征和气生辉,代代相传的理念, 潺潺不绝的流传下去。
传家之宝的概念出自马来西亚一东博物馆创办人,从传统娘惹文化风格出发,并提供创作概念原型。在南洋昌盛的时代,一般的娘惹巴巴都来自名门望族。 并有传承习俗的观念,独有的历史文化,让娘惹巴巴 被记载在历史中。传家之宝也为2016北马鸿宴划下一个圆满成功的记录。