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Tan Wei Xin

Director of ZNEN Group

Developers and designers have to understand that the olden ways of just building four walls with basics are not applicable in this ‘New Normal’ era.”

Malaysia has had its fair share of key players in the property market, whom are either highly respected seniors or are next-in-line to succeed their parents’ empires. However, a new group of young and successful individuals have emerged and made a name for themselves. They may not be as well known and experienced as the former, but they are definitely a force to be reckoned with in the near future.  

ZNEN Group Director Tan Wei Xin is among the emerging that has shown significant results in the Penang property scene. This small yet mighty property company led by Tan has propelled through the current COVID-19 crisis and even sold the Metropol development achieving 95% of secured sales. Metropol is a 30-storey development with 326 units serviced apartments and shops which is expected to be completed in 2021. Moreover, Tan has also started another project – Grains Residences, which is scheduled to be officially launched in 2021. Grains Residences will be the tallest building in Bukit Mertajam with an astonishing 45 storeys consisting of 401 units serviced apartments and shop lots. Remarkably, all shop units have already been booked.

During these few months, Tan has expanded his property development portfolio by investing in Hectarworld Group and eBox Group. “Collaborating with Hectarworld is an important strategy to create a customer and client centric platform where property developer, agents, buyers and investors can come together in an effective block chain synergy,” said Tan. He further added that joining eBox Group is another strategic move coinciding with today’s technology world. “Investing in PropTech or property technology does not only allow individuals and companies to conduct efficient research, buy, sell and manage real estates through data analysis, but this digital innovation also helps connect SMEs and start-ups to new potentials.” 

Tan Wei Xin, Penang Chief Minister YAB Chow Kon Yeow and CHT

Having a Bachelor’s Degree in Business and a Master‘s Degree in Applied Finance from Australia, Tan applies modern concepts with an emphasis on creating a lifestyle instead of just constructing a building. His perspectives stem from studying at Monash University in Melbourne, which was also where he met his wife Yan Chen. Tan believes that by living in the world’s most liveable city, Melbourne, he has gained valuable insight on how Australians strike balance between work and life. “I am grateful that my parents sent me to Melbourne, but I felt on top of the world when Yan Chen agreed to come back to Malaysia with me,” Tan explained with a big smile on his face. They have now been married for six years and have two beautiful children. 

Tan and Yan Chen always wanted to share their experiences and happiness back in Penang. “We want to create a contemporary yet artistic lifestyle feel once the residents enter the main gate. A place they can look forward coming back to after a long day. A place to rest, recharge and spend quality time with their loved ones. Not only in their apartments but also being able to enjoy the facilities, environment, and artworks around,” said this loving couple. When asked about the new expectations of consumers moving forward, the young entrepreneur answered: “Developers and designers have to understand that the olden ways of just building four walls with basics are not applicable in this ‘New Normal’ era.” Lastly, Tan stressed that “We need to make Penang the next world’s most liveable place.”