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Loh Guan Lye Specialists Centre 41 Years of Caring & Healing the Story Goes On…

Dr Mary Quah

CEO of LohGuanLye Specialists Centre.

“from Aspiration to Reality & Excellence”

Like many successful stories, it all started with a dream. The dream of the Late Datuk Dr Loh Guan Lye was to set up a private hospital ‘to reciprocate the support given to him by his patients and well-wishers over the years, and to also complement the increasingly overcrowded facilities of government hospitals. The hospital is a place where the public can seek specialist care and where specialists can practise good medicine’. The hospital then was named ‘The Specialists Centre’ which was later renamed LohGuanLye Specialists Centre (LSC) in1996, in honour of the late Datuk Dr Loh Guan Lye. The dream started in 1975 and the Centre is now 41 years old. Till today it is still family-owned and has been caring for more than three generations of patients.

The son, Mr Kelvin H Y Loh, Chairman and Managing Director, and the grandson, Mr Nicholas S W Loh, Executive Director, are also both successful Consultant Obstetrician and Gynaecologists practising in the hospital.

The unique story then continues with Dr Mary Quah, Chief Executive Officer, the driving force behind LSC, a non-family member, managing a family business in a One Big LSC Family way. She joined LSC in 1982 and has worked with three generations of the Loh family.

A visionary leader who leads with passion, Dr Mary Quah then made the dream into a vision and it became a reality with a lot of hard work and effort, dedication and commitment from everyone in LSC, making LSC to what it is today, one of the leading healthcare in the region, leading into the future.

In response to the earnest requests of patients for additional facilities and services, especially for cancer treatment, Dr Mary Quah was instrumental in the planning and development of the new wing in Macalister Road, from the architectural design and layout to the interior design and even the colour scheme with patient’s comfort in mind.  With this new wing, which was completed in 2009, LSC now has three wings, namely the Main Wing, Women and Children’s Wing and the Diagnostic Wing, offering a very comprehensive range of facilities and services including the treatment of cancer and heart diseases.

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With her leadership, LSC has overcome many challenges and has come out stronger than ever. LSC has also achieved many milestones, accreditations, various awards and accolades internationally and locally.

According to Dr Mary Quah, the culture of LSC is one of putting our heart and soul into everything we do, be proud of what we are doing and do our best. We strive to be the best and care for our patients with the best in human resource and technology to ensure good outcome.

Dr Mary Quah always believes in putting people first as ‘it’s the people who move an organisation’. When a leader leads an organisation with passion, and always does the right thing for the organisation and its people……that is the key success factor. Some of her inspiring phrases to the team include….’the business belongs to you, you take care of the business, we take care of you, the organisation grows, you grow’,  ‘everybody in this organisation is important, we do not employ unimportant people’, ‘customise your handling of people’. She takes pride in her team and is thankful to have such a caring team of dedicated and committed Management, Doctors and Staff in the organisation, as well as Mr Kelvin Loh and Mr Nicholas Loh for believing in the team and their support.

Most of all she is very thankful to all LSC patients for their trust and continuing support and for making LSC their ‘Hospital of Choice’.