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Established in 2009, Maple Palace was the very first fine dining restaurant serving authentic Chinese and Cantonese cuisine in Penang.

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Founded by Tan Loy Sin, commonly known as Loy by friends, and now the CEO, Maple Palace has won not only numerous awards but it has also won the hearts of Penangnites. Tan has been working in kitchens since he was barely legal and has worked his way up to be an executive chef.

Today, Loy runs one of the top eatery in town and insist of using only healthy and quality ingredients as he believes that everyone dining in his restaurant deserves the best. ‘The important thing about running a restaurant is not only serving good tasty food but constantly surprising customers with new varieties is as important. That is why we need to travel the world, see and learn new ideas to be ahead of the industry’ says Loy.

Currently with 60 well trained employees, Loy demands a ‘One Team One Dream’ policy emphasizing on efficiency and productivity. A goal oriented management structure with the objective to achieve customers’ satisfaction and recognition through service and quality. Loy’s goal is to be the best and always leading the pack.   

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2009 年在槟城创立的美宝阁,是一家供应中餐粤菜的精致餐厅。美宝阁在槟城可说是声名远播,以独特的美食品味唤醒食客们的味觉,成功在当地人心中拥有一席之地。作为亚洲多元化传统菜系的佼佼者,美宝阁执意以自己的方式为顾客们提供最佳的舌尖盛宴。

美宝阁的首席执行员 Tan Loy Sin 在此之前非常热爱烹饪和美食。他对于食物的狂热是他追求烹调技术和经营餐厅的理由,而在四处旅游的同时,他也寻找全新和创意点子,把它们融入投注到餐厅里。

至于餐厅内约有 60 名员工,大家皆以注重效率和提高生产力作为目标与导向。他们伫立于“一个团队,一个梦想”的政策中,通过食品质量和服务来实现顾客最大化的满意和认可度。


Simply Shanghailicious 品雅致经典沪菜


Steven Yang

Executive Chef of Shanghai Marriott Hotel

Preserved Pigeon with Huadiao Wine
Preserved Pigeon with Huadiao Wine

Perfectly situated in the core of the hustling and bustling Shanghai city, Shanghai Marriott Hotel City Centre holds a superb five stars when it comes to location, service, facilities and comfort. However, if one is not staying in the hotel as a guest, they should still definitely find time to dine in it’s Man Ho Chinese restaurant, a beautiful Chinese restaurant serving authentic Shanghainese cuisine.

EZ had a rare opportunity to chat with Executive Chef, Steven Yang, who specializes in Chinese cuisine. From the conversation, it is obvious that Steven is not only talented but passionate about his cooking especially when he described the restaurant’s three signature Shanghai dishes with pride.

First to be presented was the ever popular Shanghai drunken pigeon. This ‘Preserved Pigeon with Huadiao Wine’ dish is marinated with high quality rice wine above ten years of age together with specially selected herbs and spices for at least three days before carefully sliced and decorated into the shape of a flying pigeon. Customers are guaranteed to fall in love with the flavorful and tastiness of this exquisite dish with one bite.

想在高尚豪华且舒适的餐厅里,品尝优质的上海菜色,位于市中心的上海雅居乐万豪酒店里的万豪中餐厅是绝佳的选择。Steven Yang 杨之蔚是个对食材用料十分用心的主厨。万豪中餐厅三道最特色的上海菜式为:花雕醉乳鸽 (preserved pigeon with huadiao wine)、香槽蛋白虎虾球 (fragrant grained tiger prawn with egg white)、大闸蟹粉葱油拌面 (onion oil noodles with hairy crab meat)。

花雕醉乳鸽 这一道美食呈现美观。乳鸽均衡切片陈列成孔雀形。嫩肉里的浓郁酒香是用上了十年以上的陈年花雕酒,加入各种香料、冰糖、话梅,把乳鸽浸泡上了三天以上才入味的。

Fragrant Grained Tiger Prawn with Egg White
Fragrant Grained Tiger Prawn with Egg White

The next dish incorporates sea catched big tiger prawns imported from other countries. On the menu, the dish is known as the Fragrant Grained Tiger Prawn with Egg White. Customers have praised this dish’s unique presentation because it looks like an art piece. The fresh tiger prawns are precisely cut into the shape of butterflies and served with a special sauce that has a touch of egg white. A first class dish indeed.


Onion Oil Noodle with Hairy Crab Meat
Onion Oil Noodle with Hairy Crab Meat

Nothing concludes a good night out in Shanghai than settling with a nice bowl of noodles. The last dish might look rather plain and simple, but do not let that fool you for the taste says otherwise. Served was a white bowl of noodles topped with some greens and the other was a black bowl of reddish sauce with green peas. A classic case of ‘appearance can be deceptive’, this Onion Oil Noodle with Hairy Crab Meat is not only complicated to prepare but it is also a seasonal menu item which is only available during the hairy crab season. The secret recipe sauce is made up of a perfect balance of hairy crab meat from a male crab and a female crab. Noodles are hand-pulled to perfection and when these two components are delicately combined, it takes on a heavenly taste which no other dish can duplicate.


Frank Sanders, Ch_ng & Steven Yang
Frank Sanders, Ch’ng & Steven Yang