Dr Leong Wai Yew, Dr Haris Hamzah, Dr Tan Chong Seong, Dato’ Dr Colin Lee Soon Soo

Alpha Fertility Centre (AFC) is set up and run by leading medical specialists and embryologists responsible for numerous fertility achievements both in the regional and global arena. This purpose-built advanced fertility centre located in Selangor, Malaysia is fully equipped with modern comprehensive range of fertility treatment options; including but not limited to PGD/PGS with Ion Torrent NGS, Embryoscope+, Embryo Freezing using Cryotec® that gives 100% post thaw survival rate, Egg donation program, and many more (refer to website :

As the name ALPHA suggests, the Medical Specialists and Staff at ALPHA have successfully innovated numerous fertility treatment procedures that led us to achieve many FIRSTS!

In addition to achieving numerous fertility achievements in Malaysia and Singapore, we have also achieved and innovated many world’s FIRSTS.

In the tradition of FIRSTS, we are committed to put You and Your Fertility needs as our FIRST PRIORITY. We do this by treating every couple individually; crafting truly personalised, tailor-made patient care IVF treatment programme to cater for Your specific needs.

Let us be Your dedicated partner in making Your fertility journey a successful one, leading to a bundle of joy for You and Your Family!

Alpha Fertility_Lab.jpg

阿儿法国际辅助生殖中心 (Alpha Fertility Centre) 由一组权威生殖专科医生和资深胚胎学家/基因学家组成,造就了区域、乃至全球辅助生殖领域硕果累累。

这家位于马来西亚雪兰莪州的辅助生殖中心拥有现代化的综合治疗方案与技术。包括以 Ion Torrent NGS 次代基因测序进行胚胎移植前基因诊断和检测 (PGD/PGS) 、升级版胚胎培育器、使用100%冷冻-解冻存活率的 Cryotec® 冷冻技术、卵子捐赠计划和更多高端技术。具体详情请浏览 网站。

【阿儿法 – 希腊字母象征第一】顾名思义,阿儿法医疗团队已成功开创和引进多项科技与技术,让中心满载多项首创荣誉。




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