House of Amber opens 1st Flagship Store in Penang, Malaysia 国际琥珀品牌 House of Amber 首家旗舰店隆重於槟城登场

Amber, a natural object d’art with more than 30 million years of history and tradition is the Nordic gold that originated from Denmark.

HOA 141
Regina Kweh Director, Co-owner of House of Amber, Malaysia
HOA 143
Lars Bladt
HOA 155
Lio Chee Yeong
HOA 159 copy
YB Danny Law

Established since 1933, House of Amber has since expanded the Danish fairy tale in China, Macao, Hong Kong, Dubai, USA, Sweden and now Malaysia. Its flagship store for Malaysia has recently opened its doors on Penang Island and represents the first House of Amber in Southeast Asia. Its collections consist of designs of pendants, necklaces, bracelets, rings, earrings, and brooches, cufflinks and tie bars specially made for both gender.

The official grand opening saw the attendance of specially invited guests, tour representatives, Tour Guide Association members, as well as the Honorable YB Danny Law, YB Yap Soo Huey, Lio Chee Yeong (Representative of Royal Danish Consulate, Lars Bladt (Ceo & Co-Owner of House of Amber Group) , Chin Poh Chin (President of PTGA).

源于丹麦的北欧宝石琥珀是超逾 3000 万年的历史和传统的天然物质艺术。自 1933 年创立以来,国际琥珀品牌 House of Amber 首家旗舰店隆重於槟城登场,扩展到中国、澳门、香港、迪拜、美国,瑞典直至马来西亚,延续优美的丹麦童话。而首家马来西亚旗舰店最近在槟城隆重登场,成为东南亚区域第一家琥珀屋。其中创作系列包括专门量身定做的吊坠、项链、手镯、戒指、耳环、胸针,袖扣与领夹。这项盛大开幕仪式迎来了特邀嘉宾、旅游业代表和导游协会成员,包括尊敬的槟州旅游发展委员会主席罗兴强行政议员,叶舒惠州议员,丹麦皇家领事馆荣誉领事刘志荣大律师,House Of Amber 集团的首席执行员兼合伙人 Lars Bladt 和槟城导游协会主席陈宝真等。

House of Amber_Copenhagen Amber Museum.jpg

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