Asia’s Edition of the Perpetual Calendar


Patek Philippe recently hosted the launch of Asia’s very first Perpetual Calendar Memory of the Future Event at the National Gallery in Singapore. It saw the attendance of VIP guests including those from Cortina Watch. The guests sat in a presentation that touched on the topic about the evolution of time, the history of watchmaking, the Perpetual Calendar specifics and also watchmakers contributions. Guests were invited to walk through the exhibition that showcased the Perpetual Calendar museum pieces. Thereafter, the attending watchmakers and guests were given the opportunity to converse about the calendar’s movements and components. Each session ended with an exquisite lunch and dinner, paired with wine and champagne. At the end of the event, guests were given door gifts from Patek Philippe.

百达翡丽(Patek Philippe)近日在新加坡国家美术馆举办了对应未来的活动“亚洲首个万年历记忆”,其中还有来自高登钟表等贵宾们也出席了活动。来宾们聚精会神的聆听主办方呈献的解说环节,内容包括时间演变、制表历史、永恒万年历以及制表师的贡献。而大家也受邀参观一切有关万年历博物馆的展品。过后,与会的制表师和现场嘉宾加入针对万年历机芯和部件的对话研讨。每一场会议皆以搭配葡萄酒与香槟的精美午晚餐作为完结。最后活动正式结束时,来宾们也收到百达翡丽赠送的小礼物。

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