Datin Peggy Khoo and Joyce Lim

The Mother & Daughter Sorority 母女联谊会

Datin Peggy Khoo and Joyce Lim

Datin Peggy Khoo (Executive Director of ARITA PLASTICS)

Joyce Lim (Director of ARITA PLASTICS)

Datin Peggy Khoo and Joyce Lim

“You must have passion in everything you do. In some ways, we are strict with her [Joyce] because she may eventually lead the company one day. However, she is still new to the business and we treat her like we would treat any freshies in our company. I’m glad that she is willing and seems to be a fast learner as well.” commented Datin Peggy Khoo.

“My parents wanted me to improve and the only way to do that is the freedom that they have willingly let me try and learn through assisting them in decision-making processes in the marketing and the management side of the company. Their willingness have opened many doors for me.” said Joyce

Whenever we hear of family members working together in a family-run business, there is almost an immediate bliss that transcends peace as well as orderliness not many can achieve. In our day-to-day grind to live a life as best as we could, relationships have been a constant challenge to many especially with family members in a family-run business.

The first instance of meeting these two women struck a cord that transcends an air of class and superiority. While one may prevail in wisdom and experience from being in the business for almost two decades the other strengthens in youth and energy. The mother and daughter story of Datin Peggy Khoo and Joyce Lim speaks not only of combined efforts but truly embracing a relationship that works both in their homes and also for a family-run business.

When Joyce graduated with a Bachelor of Commerce from Deakin University, Australia six years ago, there were already discussions revolving around her joining the family firm. Since then, she has led and represented the company in implementing the newest ISO system 9001 and 2015.

“I knew what I wanted when I first joined the company. In order to learn different functional parts within the company, I was allocated to different departments and started from the very beginning. The idea is that I would learn from every department especially in marketing involving purchasing, production planning, and quality management system (ISO),” said Joyce.

If there is one thing on how they define the success and longevity of the company, it is definitely through hard work as well as the passion for the industry. With over 30 years being in the manufacturing sector of the plastic industry, ARITA PLASTICS is one of the pioneers in producing extruded plastic sheets. The company has grown to become a major exporter and is an OEM partner and trader with more than 20 years of experience.

Datin Peggy Khoo started the manufacturing business in 1978 with her husband who also holds first-hand experience in running a company. This meant that Joyce is also on the receiving end of two successful entrepreneurs that has led a company for more than three decades.

“The advantages to being the daughter is enormous,” laughed Joyce. “Even at the initial stage of joining the firm, I felt that my voice was heard. I would probably not stand a chance to voice out my opinion if I’m not at a certain position in the company. They were open and that led me further to more opportunities; whether it is on socialising at networking events or taking the initiative to introduce me to their clients.”

The husband and wife company has expanded since 1978 and with over 70 staff on the payroll, it has been through its own challenges. They have no qualms in knowing that their children may leave the company one day and take each day as it comes.

“It is definitely a choice that they [the children] have made when they decided to join us. If they will ever leave one day, we are definitely open to exploring. We have staff and stake shareholders who have been with us for over 20 years, so, there are definitely a lot of talent to explore there,” said Datin Peggy Khoo.

These two ladies seem to have it in their strive; a two-way communication that is proven successful so far. On one hand, this relationship is an aspirations to the younger generation to go for the catch and be successful. On the other hand, we see the mother hand, nurturing at the same time plays a vital part in appropriate decision-making and well-devised processes for execution. Are there any betters ways for a mother and daughter relationship?

Datin Peggy Khoo and Joyce Lim

North Banquet 2016
North Banquet 2016



与这两名女性会面的第一印象是超越阶级和优越感的亲密联系。其中一位在商业领域拥有20年以上的智慧与丰富经验优势,另外一名则胜在年轻朝气和精力充沛。拿汀郑碧意(Peggy Khoo)与Joyce Lim,这对母亲与女儿的故事不仅叙述她们共同的努力,也实际拥抱她们的家还有家族企业。

6年前,当Joyce毕业于澳大利亚迪肯大学(Deakin University)获取商业学士学位,环绕着她加入家族企业的讨论正式开启。那时,她已经领导着与代表公司实施最新版质量管理体系ISO系统9001-2015。








by Monica Tong

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