The Living Passion of One Man 一个人的生活的热情

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Dato’ Pang Yun Tiam

Founder and Managing Director of Chiptronics

“We wanted to save some money hiring performers for our annual events and decided to perform with friends and family. Little did we know, the reaction from the audience was explosive and we haven’t looked back since. Unexpectedly, it became a more family-oriented show promoting family values.”

There goes this story about a humble beginning and success story involving love, passion for music and thirst for learning. Dato’ Pang Yun Tiam founder and managing director of Chiptronics is a man of many passions. His love for playing the harmonica and electric saxophone and performing with his immediate family members have recently touched the hearts of audiences and fast becoming a favourite among the Chinese community. EZ discovers the modest man behind Chiptronics, a Penang-based and one of Malaysia’s largest equipment, tools and machinery suppliers for the electronics manufacturing sector, mass transit and defense sector.

As the story goes according to an infamous Chinese saying – ‘behind every successful man there stands a woman’ – rings truth in the story of Dato’ Pang. Just a slight tweak to this saying replacing ‘woman’ with ‘family’, this troupe of a singular family cell reminds us all of the importance of core family values that is at the verge of disappearing in this fast-moving and digital age.

Dato’ Pang has started a relationship with his harmonica in his early twenties that took him years before performing at his first concert. Revealing his passion for this instrument has not only helped inspire the musician skill in him but also brought his family closer together. His love for arts and culture meant that there is more to appreciating music. His daughters bore the fruit of his love for dance when they were sent to China to learn the Hakka cultural dance only to return with immediate requests to perform at private, charity and government events. They have also garnered support from friends, which led to more requests from charity and cultural events.


“The Harmonica is my first instrument.”

“We wanted to save some money hiring performers for our annual events and decided to perform with friends and family. Little did we know, the reaction from the audience was explosive and we haven’t looked back since. Unexpectedly, it became a more family-oriented show promoting family values.”

Dato’ Pang credits his wife’s dedication in managing rehearsal times and music education for their children and ultimately became the core person that brings the family together. It’s not the easiest job to manage a seven-people household of musicians. Nevertheless, each child has wonderfully picked up their own instrument of choice with the ultimate objective of creating a sound group.

 While Dato’ Pang’s passion has always been the harmonica and electric saxophone; Pang Yi Yun, her eldest daughter plays the percussion [shaker, chimes and claves]; Pang Yi Sha the second daughter and wife Datin Fan Mei Hoong on the keyboards; and Pang Yi Chuen the third daughter on the drums. While they were forming the band they came to identify the vital role of a bassist which saw Pang Yi Jia, Dato’s youngest daughter step up to the challenge. Pang Tze Yuan the youngest son shares his role with Yi Yun on the percussion department specialising in the Conga and Bongo. While these are their main instruments now, the children had the opportunity in earlier years to learn traditional Chinese instruments in their earlier years:  Yi Sha on the Guzheng; Yi Chuen on the Guzheng and Liuqin; and Yi Jia on the Yangqin.

This pure dedication and love for music play a huge part in them influencing each other to be better at their own individual instrument. Nevertheless, what was previously an individual and personal interest to play songs on a harmonica has motivated the whole family to go into music.


‘Behind every successful man there stands a woman.’ – rings true in the story of Dato’ Pang

The family’s performance has attracted the attention of The Malaysia Book of Records and was awarded for organising the ‘Most Number of Family Members Performing for a Charity Event (Band)’ at the 2nd edition of the annual celebration of the Malaysian Artist Society in November 2016.

A father and an avid golfer, Dato’ Pang holds various positions in various non-profit societies and associations in Penang such as the Northern Region President of Malaysian Artist Society; Advisory Committee of Taiwan Hakka Affairs council; Deputy President of Penang Hainan Friendship Association; Advisor of ASEAN Ambassador; and President of both Penang Hakka Association and World Pang Clan Business Forum just to name a few.

With a successful business that churns over RM20 million a year in revenue, Dato Pang has come a long way since the very beginning of his career. Originally from Malacca, he completed his Diploma in Electrical and Electronics at Institute Technology Jaya (ITJ) and pursued a career in consulting on project basis for Ramada Hotel (Malacca) and Park Royal (Penang).

During the economic downturn in the late 1980s, Dato’ Pang humbly took up a sales position with UNIPAC and National Semiconductor (NS) before founding Chiptronics in 1989. Over the years, the business has won the trust and confidence of many leading manufacturers and scored successful distribution and partnership deals. Headquarted in Penang, Chiptronics has over 40 staffs with offices in Kuala Lumpur, Johor and Singapore.












运作全年营收逾2000万令吉的企业公司,自从业以来,他也走过漫长艰辛路。出生于马六甲,他在Institute Technology Jaya(ITJ)完成电气和电子学位,过后在马六甲Ramada和槟城Park Royal酒店的基设项目计划担任咨询工作。


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