Wild luxury : We Brought a Zoo

Images courtesy of  Jamala Wild Life Lodge & http://www.theluxtraveller.com

Waking up to the roar of the lions, bathe while a bear gazes on the opposite site of your window or seeing the sharks swim by near your dining table, and you are fully surrounded by the world’s most dangerous animals. For animal-loves who seek to have an intimate experience with the wildlife, the Jamala Wildlife Lodge is where a world of adventure, excitement and luxury awaits…

The Jamala Wildlife Lodge located within the National Zoo & Aquarium, is Canberra’s first all-inclusive luxury resort. The lodge is split into three accommodation precincts, where guests get a chance to relax in 5-star African inspired accommodation hubs, each with its  own unique wildlife experience. Specially designed to integrate with the exhibits, the lodge aims to raise animal awareness and to give guests a once in a lifetime opportunity to immerse in the wildlife world in an opulent and fairly unique surroundings. What makes Jamala an interesting lodge is not just about living with the animals but it is the story behind the lodge. ‘Jamala’ is named after the owner’s beloved king cheetah that died due to renal failure, and that explains the existence of the lodge as the owner’s efforts to support the conservation of endangered species.


At night, you hear the deep roar of the lions, joined by ghostly scream of the cheetahs and bears, with their eyes fixed on you next to your bed. When you finally drift into relaxing sleep, if they started to howl, don’t expect a good night’s sleep. Once they are close enough to you, you can almost feel the vibrations in your ribcage! Day or night, you are going to experience the fear in the heart, as the room is separated by only a millimeter-thin glass from a few fierce friends.Jungle Bungalows


Have you ever wondered if sharks and human can actually be friends? Yes, only in uShaka Lodge, you get to experience hand feeding these majestic creatures under the guidance of shark experts. This magnificent lodge, boasting of two bedrooms, is located within an aquarium building with a private access to the shark tank. Surrounded by Colobus monkeys outside the room, the lodge also has its own lounge, an infinity pool, spa and a terrace to watch the monkeys. With a truly African lodge theme, every part of the room is embellished with Africa’s artworks, fine carvings and artefacts, bringing a small slice of Africa into Canberra.


Nothing could beat the Giraffe Treehouses, where you can interact with the giraffes without leaving your room. The Treehouses overlook a petting zoo full of alpacas and also the resident giraffe, “Hummer”. This gentle and shy creature might even greet you at the balcony. So remember to reward your friendly neighbour with some treats when he visits you in the enclosure. Giraffe Treehouses


Guests can enjoy pre-dinner drinks on the terrace accompanied by white lions, hyenas and/or snow leopards, before sitting down to enjoy a three-course African inspired gourmet cuisine made from fresh ingredients. Dinner will be served in the Rainforest Cave or in uShaka lodge, and you will be flabbergasted with its unique wildlife sanctuary.


The animal kingdom is full of wonder and amazement.  Join in the all-inclusive overnight packages that includes with two private tours, and you will have the opportunity to take part in two distinct experiences:  the early morning expedition and afternoon tour. A light breakfast is available in the Rainforest Cave between 7am and 8.15am prior to the tour. The morning tour provides you with a glimpse behind scenes where you can discover the creatures at their best; watch them in action and learn about the workings of the zoo. If you are looking for interesting animal facts, explore the zoo together with the expert keepers in the afternoon of a fascinating insight.

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