What is Functional Medicine?

Dr Michelle Lim, MD (MA) Naturopath ND,
Dip. Holistic Kinesiology

Functional Medicine (FM) enables physicians and other health professional to practise proactive, predictive, personalised medicine, empower patients to take an active role in their own health and practitioners to achieve the highest expression of health by working in collaboration to address the underlying cause of disease. FM addresses the whole person not an isolated set of symptoms.

Practitioners spend time with their patients by using a technique called ‘Listen to your Body Talk’ – gathering information about patient, looking at the interaction genetic science system biology, understanding of environment and lifestyle factors (sleep, exercise, nutrition, stress levels, relationships) that can influence long term health and the emergence and progression of chronic disease.

FM support patients-centred rather than a disease centred approach to treatment. This is what we call the therapeutic partnership, the relationship that forms between patient and clinician that empowers the patient to take the ownership of their own healing.

Scientific support for the FM approach to treatment can be found in a large and rapidly expanding evidence base concerning the therapeutic effects of nutrition (both dietary and clinical choices), exercise, stress management, detoxification program, Holistic Kinesiology Alignment, Manipulation, Mind/Body techniques using Vibrational Frequency formulas and many more.

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How is Functional Medicine Different?
To keep a tree healthy and allow it to flourish, you need to support the most basic & essential elements first – THE FOUNDATION, THE ROOTS, THE SOIL. Similarly, if a tree is not healthy, the first place you should look at for answers at those same foundational elements.

FM is highly cost effective for patients as it focuses on prevention and health promoting lifestyle changes and sustainable treatments that address the underlying cause of dysfunction, restoring patients to health.

It is a holistic approach in that one clinician looks at all aspects of the patients instead of saying “Oh that sounds like a Hormonal problem, that’s not my department.” Practitioners examine each patient’s lifestyle physically and psychologically using the ‘Art of Listen to your Body Talk’ (Holistic Kinesiology) to identify the underlying causes of their disease and find the right treatment to support and help return patients to optimal health.

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