It was another record-breaking evening at PINKGUY as the limited 8 pieces ‘Little Princess’ sculpture by Ch’ng Huck Theng, sold out during the opening night. 

Every parent knows the bittersweet emotion that is part and parcel of raising children and it is no different with artist Ch’ng Huck Theng whose Little Princess sculpture, a personal tribute to his own daughter, struck a sentimental chord with guests and was sold out within hours at the opening soiree.

The successful opening was officiated by Dato’ Mahadzir Lokman the Chairman of the National Visual Arts Development Board and attended by a select guest list of art collectors, experts and friends.

The bronze figure depicting a child-woman standing erect with an almost regal demeanor marks the artist’s own journey of fatherhood from the birth of his little princess to watching her grow up into a confident and independent young lady. No doubt it is a journey that many of the attending guests could relate with, making them eager to own a work of art that best epitomizes this personal emotion.

The event which took place at PINKGUY Gallery on Saturday, 23rd August 2014 was the first solo bronze exhibition by Ch’ng Huck Theng. Presenting 15 bronze works which were displayed over the water feature which graces the lobby of Marc Residences, “FOUL” introduced a new perspective to the concept of identity in which the question of race, religion, nationality and ethnicity is deliberately left out.

Those attending the event were also privileged to witness the unveiling of Ch’ng’s latest work ‘Princess Liberty’ in which the bronze figure of a woman riding a horse raises the question of whether there is freedom in anonymity. Other pieces that were bought that evening include ‘Anak Malaysia’ a set of three figures representing the three main races of Malaysia, and ‘Checkmate’, the artist’s interpretation of a chess board.

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