Seamless Splendour

Designing Through Harmony

The picture-perfect district of Tanjung Bungah is one of the most glamourous addresses to have in Northern Malaysia. With plenty of sun, sand and sea, millionaires can’t resist to call this place home. Amongst Tanjung Bungah’s luxurious condominiums is Springtide Residences, where its units measuring between 4,000 and 5,000 sq ft allow for unlimited possibilities for exceptional interior design.

To bring out the best of its dimensions, one homeowner at Springtide Residences enlisted award-winning interior décor firm Splendid Interior Décor (Splendid) for this project, and they delivered. Within only two months, team leader Darren Tan transformed the empty space into a practical and elegant open-concept family home.

Seamless transitions between distinct areas such as the living room and kitchen, and the dining area with the lounge create an open and relaxed space that is casual and inviting. Each space blends with the next, with closed sections arranged within in a balance of privacy and airiness.

Eclectic Oriental antiques from the homeowner’s personal collection, which the Splendid team has displayed strategically, harmonise with the contemporary accents of the condo. These artefacts add intimacy to each space and reflect the client’s globetrotting pursuits. A grand Japanese console of dark red wood with Burmese and Thai lacquerware dominates the lounge, while a dining set from Chiang Mai complemented with French silverware is set against a large contemporary painting.

In the lounge, minimalist modern furniture is arranged around an ornately carved antique bed-turned-coffee table from Hong Kong. Adorning its cream-coloured walls are Burmese scriptures, Japanese paintings and bright modern artworks that intensify the warmth of the space. In contrast, the cool ultramarine tones of the kitchen and living area are paired with Chinese porcelain ware, French paintings and an antiquated chest resting upon a Persian carpet, taking the edge off the industrial vibe from high-tech appliances.

Bringing more nature into the room, Darren has introduced autumn hues and solid textures to meld this international feel together with the modern gadgets of the unit. Parquet and tan marble flooring, linen curtains and cotton fabrics create the middle ground that bring modern accents and oriental antiques together to create an air of intimacy and comfort. The result of the Splendid team’s artful coordination with spaces, colour and décor is this vision of a relaxed casual lifestyle.

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