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Exquisite Chinese Dining in Yue

Tucked away from the hustling and bustling city center of Hong Kong in the North Point lies a very special 1 Michelin Star restaurant located on the first floor of the Hong Kong City Hotel. ‘Yue’ meaning Cantonese in Chinese, is the name of this restaurant serving contemporary Cantonese cuisine. 

Its master chefs create unique delicacies that incorporate the fundamentals of traditional Chinese cooking. Yue Restaurant has been receiving the 1 Star Michelin Awards for many years consecutively, showing its persistence towards the spirit of maintaining its quality of food and customer satisfaction. Not only is Yue a Michelin Star restaurant, some of its dishes have also won various awards in the culinary industry presented by the Hong Kong Tourism Board.

 ‘Steamed Minced Pork with Foie Gras and Scallops’ 
(Gold with Distinction Award, 2015 Best of the Best Culinary Awards by Hong Kong Tourism Board – Minced Meat Dish Category)

This very clever dish is served with an impressive sizzling hot stone pot where the carefully selected ingredients each compliment another to achieve an ultimate taste. Fresh spring onions, salted egg, South Australian scallops, braised red wine foie gras and well minced pork crowned with a gastronomical sauce ball are all steamed to perfection. One would have to break the sauce ball to allow the sauce flow out from its mold. This dish is ready to be tasted once the sizzling sound is heard.

‘Gold Coast Starlight’ Shrimp dumpling, golden crispy taro dumpling and baked puff pastry
(Gold Award, 2011 Best of the Best Culinary Awards – Dim Sum Category)

Gold Coast Starlight is not one dish but a combination of three very uniquely crafted dim sum servings served on one plate. The shrimp dumpling comes in a bamboo steamer whereas the golden crispy taro dumpling is made with cheese and seafood sitting on a flower shaped cracker. Last is the baked puff pastry with egg custard that is moulded into the shape of a very cute little chicken. 

‘Seared Star Garoupa Fillet with Fish Maw on Egg White with Truffles Sauce’ 
(Gold with Distinction Award, 2010 Best of the Best Culinary Awards – Seafood Category)

This award-winning dish consist of many unique and vibrant colours, allowing diners to easily mistake this dish for a dessert at first glance. There are four layers to this dish. Sitting at the very top is a perfect combination of freshly cooked sea caught Garoupa and fish maw with a pinch of fine black truffles. Beneath this lay three striking layers of colours where the top orange layer is made from carrot, followed by a green layer from green vegetables and pure egg white as the cushioning.  

Finest Catch of The Day

Seek the indulgence and you shall find. For as old as time, the ocean has played an essential part in the survival of the human race. Roused by the evolution of taste from the Orient, seafood has always been fashionably favoured in the fine dining world found in classic Chinese recipes. At Maple Palace, we recognize the highly delicate flavour and the therapeutic potential of abalone for the body. Double-boiled with fish head and Cordyceps flower, this abalone-infused soup is a modern approach to pristine nourishment for the skin and soul.

Double-boiled Whole Yellow Melon Soup with Assorted Seafood

Let the oomph in the Double-boiled Whole Yellow Melon Soup complete your gourmet journey of the East. Infused with an array of fresh assorted seafood, the melon, simmered in slow gracious steam, provides an enlightening near-heavenly consciousness found only through delicate and refined exposure of century-long methods. Albeit its delicate and mild aroma the melon takes on center stage — setting the mood before the eyes — an ocular prerequisite to the feast before the taste sets in.  

Tomato Seafood Pumpkin Soup served in Stone Bowl

Wondering how tomato, pumpkin and seafood can be an absolute triumvirate made for goodness? Bask in ‘superfood’ wholeness with Maple Palace’s very own appetizing and fragrant infusion of the Tomato Seafood Pumpkin Soup served in stone bowl. Resist not the temptation for an oceanic feast right here at Maple Palace. 

FENDI & FENDI Casa present “Back Home”

by Cristina Celestino

In collaboration with world famous architect and interior designer, Cristina Celestino, FENDI is proud to present their latest project “Back Home”. This unique collection is a celebration towards FENDI’s iconic Pequin striped motif, logo-non-logo, which immediately evokes the brand’s heritage of elegance and sophistication with authentic discretion. 

The “Back Home” collection was showcased to the public at the new FENDI Casa Exhibition Space during the Salone Internazionale del Mobile 2019, also known as the Milan Furniture Fair, which too place on the 9th-14th April. A special installation will showcased FENDI’s latest pieces designed by Cristina Celestino for the Roman luxury house, produced by Luxury Living Group.

Cristina Celestino has successfully reworked the Pequin with her strong style and delicate touch, creating a refined and creative range of statement pieces. Rooted in FENDI’s legendary sophisticated aesthetic, the “Back Home” collection shows an intriguing combination of materials, spanning from timeless and elegant marbles and onyxes, to fascinating metallic surfaces showing surprising tactile and colour effects.

Silvia Venturini Fendi, Men’s and Accessories Creative Director, has also designed an exclusive luggage set worked in the Pequin motif to complement the interior design collection. It is available both in the classic tobacco and black colour match, as well as in a new blue, beige and powder pink combination.