What’s The Problem? You’re Still Alive!

Chng Huck Theng (Left)

What do we do when there are problems? Typically the easiest way is to blame others or find excuses to recuse oneself from taking the heat. Clearly these are bad and ineffective strategies as problems still exist after. It is common in human nature to deploy its defense mechanisms when meeting with harm, be it physical or psychological. A rather good and effective way is to acknowledge the matters head on and to solve them as soon as possible. Stay positive, trace back and find the ‘how’ and ‘why’ of the problems. Like it or not, like my father always say, “You can feel sad and cry, but the problem will still be there. So best find ways to solve it and get on with your life”. 

It is undeniable that these 3 years have been filled with both domestic and international issues. The unprecedented COVID-19 medical crisis has taken millions of lives and created havoc around the world and its domino effect is still very much felt by businesses all over the world. Not counting world issues like Donald Trump while being the president of United States probably did more harm than good when entering into a trade war with China whilst creating the biggest split amongst Americans and accusing the Democrats of stealing the election. The ‘invasion’ of his supporters into Capital Hill was adding salt to the wounds of American democracy. Joe Biden later won the elections but approval ratings continue sliding to record low after a year. The UK has successfully left the European Union but prime minister Boris Johnson is struggling to fight off a vote of no confidence due to a Christmas party, flouting the country’s Covid-19 strict restrictions. Putin’s flexing Russia’s sovereignty to the Western world by unleashing its military forces into Ukraine. This will undoubtedly remind some to think twice when provoking others thinking that the West or NATO will have one’s back. Sad to say that Ukraine has been deserted by the so-called alliance that only provided moral and weapon support when the bombing started. Taiwan now has to rethink seriously about its attitude with China. 

Back home in Malaysia, COVID-19 numbers has been a roller coaster, first two vaccination rates have been commendable but many are skeptical about taking the third booster shots. Three prime ministers in a short period of time, three state elections and probably more to come, a big shortage of workers and the politicians are still finger-pointing and finding faults to make their ‘enemies’ look bad. Again sad to say that most politicians we voted into office ended up paying more attention to themselves and giving tonnes of excuses blaming the others when matters turn sour. Not to mention we have politicians misquoting ‘Spanish Fly’ instead of Spanish Flu, advising women to talk like Doraemon for household happiness, telling the world that Orang Utans kill humans and we have lions in Malaysia. But the encore definitely goes to convicted criminals still roaming free waving to folks like celebrities. 

The saying of ‘Malaysia Boleh (Malaysia Can) is really Boleh’. 

In short, the world is full of problems and we are all in this together whether one likes it or not. One can always waste time ‘bitching’ over the issues or solve them. What if it cannot be solved? … then give yourself a pat on your back and say “I have tried my very BEST!” then move one. It is a fact that life is never smooth and easy but if you look on the bright side, you are still ALIVE to solve the PROBLEMS!