Baby Steps to Achieving Your Financial Goals

by Calvin Goon,
Head of Wealth Management, Affin Bank Berhad

Achieving financial goals may sound big to a lot of people and often takes a little more effort than just luck. However, is it unachievable at all? 

Just like any of the large task we have, it will sound less difficult if we break them it into smaller sub-tasks. The key here is taking “Baby Steps”. Try to improve your financial wellness by challenging yourself into taking some of these baby steps below:

Again, it might seem difficult to start despite breaking your large financial goals down into “Baby Steps” but you will be astounded by how your financial position will improve once you start to follow through all these steps gradually. 

At Affin Invikta, we can help you start your Baby Steps by offering customized financial solutions tailored to your needs. Want to know more? Reach out to us at and we will assign a dedicated Relationship Manager to guide you through.

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Success is not overnight. It all starts with ‘BABY STEPS’