Australia’s Only Underwater Museum

Located on the Great Barrier Reef of Townsville North Queensland, the Museum of Underwater Art (MOUA) is a series of art installations created by world famous underwater sculptor and environmentalist – Jason deCaires Taylor. Taylor is one of the first contemporary artists in the world to exhibit his works in the underwater realm.

The artworks include Ocean Siren, a 15-foot-tall color-changing sculpture off the coast of Townsville © Jason deCaires Taylor
A mask rests serenely in the Mediterranean  © Jason deCaires Taylor
© Richard Woodgett

As Taylor’s only underwater art museum in the Southern Hemisphere, MOUA was created to educate and inspire the world about reef conservation, restoration and an aim to achieve positive environmental outcomes. Additionally, the museum aspires to share stories of the reef and the culture of its First Nations people. 

Visitors are able to snorkel or dive into this marvellous underwater world to enjoy these incredible artworks which over time will transform into their own eco-systems, as they have been built to allow for coral planting to support reef restoration. Tours are available to those wanting to journey to this remarkable art wonder on the ocean floor to visit, learn and support a cause to make a positive impact to the environment, the economy and the community.

Nest, located in Gili Meno, Indonesia, is heavily visited by snorkelers © Jason deCaires Taylor
Jason deCaires Taylor poses 26 feet below the surface with sculptures in his Silent Evolution installation at Mexico’s Museo Subacuático 
de Arte @ Courtesy Jason deCaires Taylor