Penang Halal International Announced ‘International Inspirasi Khadijah’

Since taking over as Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Penang Halal International (PHI) mid 2020, Puan Aida Lim Abdullah has made various initiatives to help the local trade industries find alternatives to survive the Covid-19 crisis. PHI recently  announced that it will be organising its first Halal global virtual cross border e-Commerce platform “International Inspirasi Khadijah 2020”. This event will be from 18th to 31st January 2021. 

Some of the other projects that were initiated include partnering with FOODPANDA during the Ramadan month, striking an online collaboration with SHOPEE and creating the Penang E-Mall with a HALAL section and many more. To date, PHI has assisted more than 6000 merchants to get into online commerce, online business workshops, training and enabling sessions for digital e-commerce, and providing core halal introduction courses.