Dato’ Alvin Lim’s Groovy 70s’ themed Birthday 拿督林廷晖“绝妙70年代”生日派对


Dato’ Alvin Lim’s ‘Groovy 70s’ themed 60th Birthday party at Spoon Cafe, G Kelawai Hotel Penang was truly an unforgettable and remarkable one with music to the 70s’, food, drinks and lots of laughter.

The event was meant to be private and intimate as Dato’ Alvin’s family and his closest friends gathered to celebrate the occasion. Guests were all dressed in the 70s’ theme and they embraced the theme sportingly, leading to a fun-filled evening.

In Dato’ Alvin’s speech, he thanked his family and guests for the wonderful evening, followed by funky music by the band for the guests to make their moves on the dance floor. Entertainment for the evening include a series of fun games with rewards and gifts, as well as Best Dressed presentation awards for the guests. Also in conjunction with Father’s Day, Dato’ Alvin also had a cake-cutting ceremony with all the fathers at present as dual-celebrations.

拿督林廷晖重现 70 年代光景的 60 大寿生日派对,在槟城 G 酒店的 Spoon Cafe 里上演,这是一个令人难忘的夜晚,穿越时光隧道一般的 70 年代音乐、食物、饮料和此起彼落的笑声。

他与家人还有最亲密的朋友们齐聚一堂,让这场私人派对倍加温馨。宾客以主动愉快的心情配合 70 年代的主题,大家身着那年代应景服饰,共度欢乐时光。



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