Passion Instills Greatness 激情灌输绚烂

Screen Shot 2017-07-03 at 9.24.20 AM.pngDato’ Elaine Kang Siew Lay


“Singing is my passion and age has nothing to do with it. I still love to be on stage and share my voice.”

When hard work bears result to a life-long pursuit for passionate things in life, Dato’ Elaine Kang has more than a few words of wisdom up her sleeve. This entrepreneur and artist has fought through 37 years being in the industry and through persistence survived longer than many other artists that have come and gone over the years. Her artistry has not only been the ‘soul’ of her existence but has truly been the backbone where her core values – humility, confidence and dignity – are challenged notably in the public eye as well as in self-reflection.

Dato’ Elaine Kang is a Malaysian songbird famous for her ballad and pop songs. Her singing career saw her being selected by ex-Prime Minister Tun Mahathir, together with Yusni Hamid and the cultural group to perform at his very first official visit to China.

On the question on how she had survived in the entertainment industry, her simplistic answers were eloquently charming and rang truth to her role as a public figure. “The Malaysian music industry is especially small for a Chinese artist. So, in order to achieve and maintain the standard of my work, I had to double up my efforts. I’ve never been ashamed to ask when in doubt and I am a perfectionist when it comes to work.”

Over the years, her life in the public eye has not only inspired many others but gained her fans that have truly supported her tenure. While she is giving back through charity concerts and writing an advice column in a Chinese newspaper, she demands absolute discipline and perfection no matter what circumstance and is especially so when she is performing live.

“There is no business like show business. When you are on stage, there is no NG [No Go/Cut], no ‘Take Two’. So, it can only go right or wrong.”

“There is no business like show business. When you are on stage, there is no NG [No Go/Cut], no ‘Take Two’. So, it can only go right or wrong. The profession that I have chosen to take up demands persistence and strength and without the support of my friends, family and fans, I would have been in a very different place.”

Having to compete with talents from China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Korea and Japan, she finds that many Malaysian artists now faced with the challenge of having to produce an album with a small budget in comparison to other livelier markets in the region.

Dato’ Elaine Kang takes pride in the experiences she has gained through the years. She was involved in the process of producing concerts and felt that artists nowadays are deprived of such knowledge. “While they are able to sing and perform, some are also songwriters to their own music. The younger generation is extremely lucky in a sense that they have the labels and management company plan their schedule. Although this a blessing, many are not able to see the process from recording an album, promoting a concert to managing a press conference.”

“In order to be successful, you must be psychologically and emotionally strong-minded. No one can decide your future but yourself. In reality and in life, you will always face challenges, so strong-mindedness will push you forward. Loving yourself and having the confidence also helps.”

While she is still actively involved in live performances, Dato’ Elaine Kang is also a very much entrepreneur at heart. Over the last 8 years and alongside her passion for singing, she also owns a jewellery business. Self-taught, she designs mini masterpieces using diamonds, gems and colourful stones.


“没有像演艺事业这样的工作。当你在舞台上,无法NG [中断],没办法再来一次。因此,只能直接走向对或错。”

作为在行业中历经了37年风风雨雨的企业家和艺人,拿督江梦蕾这朵铿锵玫瑰愈加散发智慧自如的芬芳。努力工作成为她终身追求生命激情的时刻,比起许多年来犹如过江之鲫来来去去的艺人,她的坚持彰显了一股韧劲,艺​​术性不仅是融入她的灵魂之中,而且真正作为核心价值观 – 谦卑,信心和尊严 – 勇于面对公众眼光审视和自我反思的挑战。

江梦蕾是以民谣和流行歌曲而知名的马来西亚歌手,当年名气如日中天的她也曾经伴随着前首相敦马哈迪、Yusni Hamid 与文化团体首次以官方形式访问中国。








by Monica Tong

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