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by Dr Mecherl Lim MD (MA) Naturopath (ND) , Holistic Kinesiology

Over the last 25 years, I‘ve taken care of patients who suffered from harmful effects of the wrong food’s industrial, factory made science projects, boatloads of sugar & flour – 152 lbs of sugar and 146 lbs of flour per person per year, to be exact. It’s done more than make then struggle with weight and yoyo diets.

It is completely derailed their health. Worse, they blame themselves for not being able to succeed at controlling their eating habits or cravings.  Millions of us, over half the population, suffer from FLC SYNDROME. That’s when you feel Like Crap. Sometimes annoying little symptoms such as achy joints or muscles or brain fog, fatigue, headaches, allergies or gas or more serious problems such as Autoimmune disease such as Migraines, Asthma, Acne, Irritable Bowel, Reflux, Arthritis or worse. When I use the word “DETOX” I mean a scientifically designed medical detox from sugar and all things than turn to sugar.

The Fun Part is that it’s done simply by taking out the Bad Stuff and putting in the Good Stuff….lots of Good Stuff.

Maybe I should call it the Feel Good with Good Stuff Plan!!!!



When you wake up feeling LESS than Vital, Vibrant, Alive, Joyful and Full Energy, even if you are thin but have symptoms of being TOXIC like fatigue, brain fog, achiness, digestive issues, allergies, headaches ——really any symptoms all.

The DETOX can help you quickly. Most of us don’t connect what we are eating to how we feel.


The Scientific Establishment has convinced as that weight is just a matter of calories in/calories out, that it’s about energy balance, about eating less and exercising more.

How’s that working out for you?  Probably Not So Well!!!!

Problem is, the Scientific Establishment is different from the established Science.  The Science says Sugar & Flour Calories are way different.

First, they trigger addiction and overeating.

Second, they spike insulin and inflammation, which make you store BELLY FAT and blocks your ability to feel full. The Verdict is in Sugar Calories that are worse than whole food calories.  Sugar spike insulin and triggers inflammation, a double whammy guaranteed to mess up any attempt at long term weight loss.

3) YOU CAN’T CONTROL YOUR SUGAR AND CARBS CRAVINGS (you may be suffering from addictions)

The fact is that sugar and flour are biologically addictive.  The science behind, it is clear and conclusive. Yet we blame the FAT PERSON for being lazy glutton which leads to shame and guilt.

I am here to tell you it’s not your FAULT.  Your Biology has been hijacked by the food industry.  They have done a hostile takeover of your taste buds, brain chemistry, hormones and metabolism.  More than 300 Food Industry insiders spilled the beans to Micheal Moss in his book, SALT, SUGAR & FAT, explaining they hire “Craving Experts” to create the “Bass Point” of junk food to create “Heavy Users” and increase their “Stomach Share”.  Sugar is the new Nicotine.  In fact, Sugar is eight times more addictive than cocaine.  If you are trying to use will power to Lose Weight you will fail.  You have to use science to unhook yourself from substances (or NON FOOD JUNK).


Most of us have never in our life taken 5 or 10 days Detox or put nothing in our body but delicious, whole clean food.  Just 5 Days, even you think you are healthy and feel good, you may not realize that you normal state is not your Optimal State. Think of it as a tune up, a super quick, super easy way to supercharge your health.


All of us stray from living in a way that supports our health either too little sleep, too little exercise , too much bad food, too much stress, not enough time for ourselves. The Best way to reset your Age is a 5 Days Detox, Simple, delicious food, No toxin or drugs, by which I mean sugar, flour, processed foods, caffeine, or alcohol.  Self-Nurturing practises, deep breathing, sleeping 7 to 8 hours a night, a little exercise , Self love.  All this works to get your Body and Mind back to their original factory setting- and quickly!

So now that you know why you need A DETOX, how do you do it without pain and suffering? How do you take a shortcut to feeling, great?

Here’s the little secret that the diet and food industry, the medical establishment and Big Pharma don’t want you to know.  Most of us are only a few day away from Health and Happiness.  Even if you have already a bad case of FLC SYNDROME or even chronic disease. Food is the most powerful medicine on the planet to fix it.

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Beyond Feeling Blue

By Ms. Chelsea Peh Mei Fung, Clinical Psychologist & Counsellor

B.Psy.(Hons) Counselling (UMS), MSc. Abnormal & Clinical Psychology (UK)

Karen is a 38-year-old experienced piano teacher who is very dedicated to her work. She is a talented piano teacher who has won many awards at the competitions. Karen used to think that she should get the award whenever there is a competition. Recently she was not nominated for an outstanding teaching award which she has been long waiting for. Suddenly she thought of her career life is in ruin and it felt as if the sky has fallen. She has withdrawn herself from other people, feeling depressed with a lack of interest in doing anything coupled with lack of motivation to go to work. She felt fatigue most of the day but had difficulty to fall asleep at night. She thought that everything was gone wrong in her life and it was her fault. She was feeling upset and wallowing in self-guilt for not being nominated for the outstanding teaching Award. She had thoughts about suicide as a solution to her unhappiness.

Everyone occasionally feels blue or sad. If one feels depressed for a prolonged period of time and it interferes with one’s daily life and normal functioning, or to the extent of developing physical problems, one is likely to have developed depression.

Depression is caused by a combination of biological, psychological and social factors. Depression is a “whole-body” illness, involving your body, mood, and thoughts. It affects the way you eat and sleep, the way you feel about yourself and the way you think about things. It is not a sign of personal weakness or a condition that can be willed or wished away. People with a depressive illness cannot merely “pull themselves together” and get better.

According to the report issued by the World Health Organization, over 350 million people around the world have depression. Up to 15 per cent of patients suffering from major depressive disorder eventually commit suicide. Depression can be reliably diagnosed and treated in primary care, but in many countries, there is less than 10% of those affected have access to effective treatments.

The frequency, severity and duration of symptoms may vary from person to person. According to American Psychiatric Association, DSM-V, if five (or more) of the following symptoms have been presented for over two weeks; at least one of the symptoms is either depressed mood or loss of interest or pleasure, it is highly possible that one has developed depression:

• Emotion

Markedly diminished interest in almost all activities, depressed mood, feelings of worthlessness or feeling hopeless, sad or empty. (note: in children and adolescents, can be irritable mood)

• Cognition

Recurrent thoughts of death, diminished ability to think or concentrate, or indecisiveness.

• Physical

Insomnia or hypersomnia, fatigue, decrease or increase in appetite, weight loss or weight gain.

• Behaviour

Social withdrawal, lack of motivation or suicide attempt.

Quick & Easy Tokyo 快速及简易的游览东京

Tokyo prior to 1968 was known as Edo, a small castle town in the 16th century but today it is the world’s most populous metropolis and one of Asia’s must visit destinations for unlimited choice of shopping, entertainment, culture, art and dining. Not to mention the rich history offered by this city to visitors is beyond words can describe. If one only have a few days in Tokyo then…


It is highly recommended that short stay visitors should purchase a daily travel pass that can be used on all JR, subways and bus lines within the Tokyo district. Trains run from 5am till midnight. Transportation here can be very expensive if one does not plan properly.


Tokyo DisneySea is a good choice for those who have been to a few Disneyland around the world and wanted to experience something different but still within the magical Disney. A fantasy theme park inspired by myths and legends of the sea, many reviews have stated that this park is more suitable for the grown up audience but personally I feel that there is no such thing as adults when it comes to the world of Disney. It is the place that even the elderly feel as if they were kids as it just brings back so many memories.



Odaiba is a man-made island in Tokyo Bay where shopping and entertainment are plenty for those who love to explore. Besides the Fuji Building and the Rainbow Bridge, Tokyo Joypolis is a fun and exciting play station for those with strong hearts whereas the National Museum of Emerging Science or also known as Miraikan offers visitors an insight to how far technology has progressed and if you are lucky, Asimo will sing for you. Palette Town is a large shopping and entertainment centre that consists of Venus Fort shopping centre, the Ferris Wheel, Zepp Tokyo, Toyota Mega Web and Tokyo Leisureland. There is no doubt that one will feel the ‘pain’ especially on the legs after a long day’s walk so remember to save some time to visit Oedo Onsen, the hot spring theme park that offers baths, scrubs and massages. Guests are expected to be naked.



位于富士电视台建筑物及彩虹大桥旁的世嘉电子游戏玩乐城,适合追求刺激感的游客。若是来到日本科学未来馆,则可见识科技的进步,幸运的话,还可看到机器人Asimo的演唱。五彩城(Palette Town)是一个大型的娱乐商城,由维纳斯广场、摩天轮、Zepp  Tokyo体育馆、丰田汽车Mega   Web展示场及东京休闲乐园组成。


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Takashi Murakami: The 500 Arhats 村上隆:500罗汉

by CHT

Image courtesy of Layzhoz Yeap

‘Takashi Murakami: The 500 Arhats’ exhibition marks the first large–scale Murakami exhibition in Japan in 14 years. Presented by Mori Art Museum, this amazing art exhibition is one show that should not be missed by anyone that has a heart for art. Born in 1962 in Tokyo, completed his doctoral work at Tokyo University in Fine Arts and selected by Time magazine’s ‘The 100 Most Influential People’ in 2008, Takashi Murakami is currently one of the most internationally acclaimed contemporary artists working today. Through his artistic career, the artist has cleverly connected the ‘otaku culture’, character iconography and Japanese art history against the backdrop of thematic landscape of post-war Japan. Hence developing the concept of ‘Superflat’, that has left his define mark in the contemporary art scene.

During this long awaited solo exhibition, Murakami presented one of the largest paintings ever produced in global art history – his 100-meter-long-painting, The 500 Arhats, showing off for the first time in Japan. Some other new works are also on exhibition in which the artist continues to amaze the public by exploring new challenges to the traditional Japanese art. This exhibition provides an important insight to Murakami’s art journey in terms of scale, energy and artistic accomplishment.

The exhibition is currently at the Mori Art Museum, 53rd  Floor, Roppongi Hills Mori Tower, Tokyo, and it is scheduled to end on the 6th March 2016.


在期待已久的个展上,村上隆最巨大的画作也缔造全球艺术历史记录—长达100米的画作 - 500罗汉,这是首次在日本展出。其他新作品也让观赏者通过探索发现日本传统艺术的新鲜挑战。展览会塑造想象洞悉力,观摩村上的艺术之旅、能源与艺术修养。


Carving a Name in Theatre & Film 高志森: 唯文艺创作能流芳百世

The movie industry is a challenging one especially in Hong Kong. Well known for the various family and comedy films he directed, Hong Kong’s Clifton Ko Chi-Sum shares with EZ on the challenges he faced in the making of his latest film and on his switch to theatre.

Ko is well known for his comedies ever since his very first feature, a supernatural comedy “The Happy Ghost” grossed over $17 million in 1984. Fast forward, he stopped filmmaking and shifted to theatre production and last year, he released his first feature film in 11 years. He made his silver screen comeback with a family drama, “Wonder Mama”, that focuses on the lives of women and men past their prime.

“I feel that there was never any focus on the lives of the older generation, if you notice, all movies are of the younger generation and for the younger generation,” Ko said of his decision to direct Wonder Mama. The feature film stars Petrina Fung Bo Bo as a middle-aged woman grappling with family and career issues while her parents divorced and her father takes on a younger spouse.

The making of the film was not an easy path as Ko felt that the lead actress role seemed made for Fung and it took a while for him to finally persuade her to take on the role. The film was also not within a popular genre and did not fit current trends for rom-coms, action films or supernatural films. This did not deter Ko from soldiering on to translate the lives of a family drama onto the silver screen.

“This movie is not about profits or making something to suit the market demand but something that I wanted to contribute back to the society, to show the people about the lives of those entering their golden years,” he said. The movie is based partly on a true story with a moral background emphasising on family values.

Ko lamented on the lack of meaningful films with strong values in recent years, particularly those that focuses on family and felt that there is a gap that the Wonder Mama filled perfectly. Wonder Mama was produced with a  $8 million budget, out of which, $1.6 million was financed by the government’s Film Development Fund. The film that debut last year was shown at several international film festivals such as the 2014 Taipei Golden Horse Film Festival, the 5th Beijing International Film Festival and the 2014 East Winds Film Festival in the UK.

The Wonder Mama is a not a far departure from Ko’s usual style which incorporated comedy with family-themed movies in the 1980s through to 1990s such as My Family (1986), It’s A Mad, Mad, Mad World (1987), All’s Well End’s Well (1992) and It’s a Wonderful Life (1994), all top grossing films during that period of time. Ko also received a Golden Horse Award Best Director nomination from The Mad Phoenix (1997).

In 1995, Ko formed The Spring-Time group and spent most of his time directing stage productions in which he revived I Have a Date With Spring and The Mad Phoenix on stage several times and breaking box office records. “After the 1990s, the Hong Kong movie industry saw a drastic drop due to piracy issues and I decided to make the switch to theatre performances,” he said of his change from the silver screen to the stage. He felt that stage production offers more challenges to his directing skill but he enjoyed honing his stage production skills to perfection with his numerous productions.

“We must remember that on stage, we can’t shout “cut” or edit it later, it is live so everything has to be perfect and this is a challenge that I enjoyed facing,” he said. Currently, Ko believed the theatre industry in Hong Kong is at a very matured stage with more in the middle class appreciating stage shows. “The market in Beijing and Shanghai is also growing and it is a new market that we could target to continue to grow our production,” he said.

Rose_Poster_OP_v1-01_副本-683x1024.jpgKo was recently in Penang, Malaysia to introduce his latest production, “Wild Wild Rose”, to Penang and Malaysia. Wild Wild Rose is a musical adapted from the classic Mandarin movie of the same name produced by Cathay which was adapted from Bizet’s opera “Carmen”. Staring Perry Chiu and Zac Koo, the musical will feature popular songs from the movie such as Carmen and Madame Butterfly. “This musical will transport the audience back to the 1960s where music filled the nights,” Ko said.

He hoped the production was well received by the Penang audience and if it was a success, he may consider bringing more productions to Penang. As for any future endeavours, Ko said he will continue producing quality theatre productions to carve out a name for himself as a well-known director and producer. “Everyone knows Shakespeare and his plays long after he’s gone and this is why I continue working in this industry, to leave behind a name that someday everyone will remember,” he said.












高志森在2015年携着他的舞台音乐剧新作“野玫瑰之恋”来到马来西亚槟城 ,这部由王天林所执导的经典华语电影“野玫瑰之恋”,而原型为Bizet’s的“卡门”歌剧。这部由焦媛与高皓正主演的音乐剧将采用电影中的经典歌曲,如卡门和蝴蝶夫人。 “这部音乐剧将把记忆观众拉回20世纪60年代,是一个弥漫经典音乐的夜晚。 ”


“文化与艺术是超越领域的世界语言,比方即使过了几个世纪,但每个人都知道莎士比亚和他的诗作与戏剧作品,而历史上许多的贵族国王,我们却未必记得清楚。这就是为什么我继续在这个领域努力与创作,希望有一天,大家会记住这么一个名字。 ”他说。

H_K 100.JPG

Art & Culture 轩尼诗与艺术

“I felt the bottle was a perfect canvas to extend my Black Holes body of work. The inclusion of the metadata concept was also important for me because it’s an extension of what I’m already pursuing in my work.” McGinness nobly declares.

Hennessy V.S Limited edition bottle was created by internationally renowned contemporary artist Ryan McGinness making this the 5th collaboration between the liquor company with internationally renowned contemporary artists over the 5 years. This limited edition is based on the artist’s “black holes’ series of paintings where the colours glow under black-light on a silver background incorporating McGinness’ signature icons that symbolises the craftsmanship of Hennessy Cognac. Hennessy celebrated the launch of this historic partnership in August with a event titled #ArtoftheChase in New York City with an interactive tunnel of digital McGinness artwork captivating guests with Hennessy cocktails, including the ‘Infinity’ that the artist helped to create. Not to mention a special performance by rapper 2 Chainz. The artist later travelled with Hennessy to further promote and bottle-signings in LA, Miami and Philadelphia.

轩尼诗限量版的酒瓶是艺术家 Ryan   Mcginness 的杰作,这是该国际知名当代艺术家过去5年来第 5 次与酒类公司合作。这款“黑洞”系列作品在深邃的黑光中闪烁黄色、紫红色和绿色霓虹色涡流线构成百合花图案色彩,结合银色背景的 Mcginness “辐射眼”签名图标,象征着轩尼诗干邑精巧手艺。

而为何配合限量版的艺术酒瓶,轩尼诗 8 月在纽约市启动合作伙伴的酒会派对 #ArtoftheChase,现场除了有电子数码方式展现 Mcginness 的艺术作品隧道,而艺术家们更是创造了“无限”这个主题。而 Rap 歌手 2 Chainz 的现场演出更是增添色彩,这项宣传盛会也将在洛杉矶,迈阿密和费城举行。


Images courtesy of


Burberry has expanded its global flagship at 121 Regent Street in London to create an exclusive area dedicated to gifting. The extension, which opened in spring 2015, celebrates the very best of British craftsmanship, creativity and produce. The new space will also accommodate an all day café that will offer an entirely British menu – Thomas’s Cafe. The café offers the finest seasonal produce from small farmers and artisan suppliers from around the UK.

现在,博柏利 (Burberry) 的全球旗舰店 (位于英国伦敦121摄政街) 除了将提供英式风格菜单,在全新和独特区域内,致力奉献礼品于客户们。自 2015 春季开始营业的 Thomas’s Cafe,同样为博柏利的客户们提供美妙的英式菜单餐点。这个历史悠久的奢侈品牌馈赠专属礼品和个性化的服务,体验舒适优雅的购物感受。博柏利成立于1856,是一个全球性的高端品牌。

G_03 Burberry expands its Regent Street Flagship 6.jpg

Images courtesy of Burberry