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Connect CHT Hunza Penang Property for Australians 槟城房产面向澳大利亚


Connect CHT with Hunza in Melbourne Melbournens gave Penang developer Hunza Property an amazing reception during the recent introduction of Alila 2 in SpACE@Collins. More that 100 guests were invited to understand first hand why it is beneficial to invest in Penang properties in terms of investment or simply owning holiday homes on a resort island. It has always been developers promoting Melbourne properties in Malaysia but never the other way round. This maiden event marks the first in Malaysia history where a Malaysian property was introduced to the people down under. Directors of Hunza were impressed with the reception and confident that they would be returning to Melbourne in the near future. Among the guests were West Moreland, Consul General of Malaysia, Khor Tze Ming and Lily Tan, Executive Directors of Hunza, investors and industry players including David Liao, Hubert Jahja, Idamo Lee, Andrew Lee and many more.


最近在位于墨尔本 SpACE@Collins 行的雅逸嵐2 (Alila 2) 高端房产项目推介会上,Connect CHT 联合马来西亚房地产开发商汇华产业有限公司 (Hunza Property) 接待了墨尔本的客人们。当天出席的逾百名宾客更深入了解投资槟城房地产的优质方案,或者纯粹实践在美丽岛屿上拥有度假屋的夙愿。值得一提的是,从来都是开发商在马来西亚推广墨尔本的房地产,但这是首次反其道而行之。


与会贵宾有马来西亚总领事Westmoreland,汇华集团执行董事许芝敏与陈秀芬, 投资领域和业界人士包括 David Liao, Hubert Jahja, Idamo Lee, Andrew Lee 等等。



Penang Art Society Turns 65 槟城艺术协会 65 周年

PAS65_1.jpgThe oldest art society in Malaysia turns 65 this year and celebrated this auspicious milestone in style. An exhibition show-casing 160 works by 160 artists from various states and abroad was held at the Penang State Art Gallery. The President of Penang Art Society in his speech mentioned that the government should support the local art scene by collecting local art and also using art as gifts to foreign visiting dignitaries. He also took the opportunity to thank the support from the Penang Chief Minister, YAB Chow Kon Yeow, YB Yeoh Soon Hin and private donors such as Tan Sri Tan Khoon Hai, Dato Sri Khor Teng Tong, Lee Khai and many others that have contributed to the success of the event.

After the opening ceremony, artists and guests adjourned to The Top Penang to visit its latest attractions and enjoyed a lovely buffet dinner at The Top View Restaurant. Everyone joined in to sing Happy Birthday and a cake cutting ceremony was held in celebration of the 65th birthday of Penang Art Society.


马来西亚历史最悠久的艺术社团今年正式迈入 65 周年,为了庆贺这项重大里程碑,160 位艺术家齐聚槟城艺术画廊的展览会,现场共汇集 160 件各州各地艺术家的艺术心血作品进行展出。


开幕式结束后,艺术家和嘉宾们前往 The Top Penang 观景台参观美丽景点,并在 The Top View 餐厅享用自助晚餐,所有人都欢唱生日快乐曲子和参与切蛋糕仪式。



by Dr. Mecherl Lim

MD (MA) Naturopath (ND), Holistic Kinesiology

Vaginal candida (genital candidiasis, or thrush) is an overgrowth of Candida Albicans, a yeast-like fungus that affects the area in and around the vagina, vulva and rectum.  In severe cases, the rash can spread to the thighs and buttocks.  About 30 percent of reproductive -age women have some candida in the vagina but only half of them have symptoms and around five percent have recurrent problems.


The early symptoms are redness, swelling and irritation.  In severe cases, the rash areas can become cracked, itchy and burning,m with a whitish or slightly yellow discharge and occasionally a sour milk odour.  There may be pain when urinating and during intercourse.  Men often carry the infection on the penis but may not have symptoms.  Symptoms in men usually include soreness, redness, itching and fissuring of the penis.


A doctor takes a swab which is then examined in a pathology laboratory.  There is an also a medical blood test to see if the candida has spread throughout the body (known as systemic candidiasis) but my experience is that this test  is not conclusive and candida fungi may live in the human body without causing any apparent problems.


The cause is primarily an overgrowth of Candida albicans, and it’s an increasing problem, with significantly more case caused by other species of Candida.

Conditions associated with candida include diabetes, pregnancy, suppressed immune function and the use of antibiotics or cortisone drugs.  Hormone changes tend to make women more susceptible to infection, which explains why candida occurs during pregnancy and with some oral contraceptives and hormone replacement therapy Temmerman  MI, Nelis HJ, ‘Prevalence of vulvovaginal candidiasis and susceptibility to fluconazole in women’ American Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology 187: (2002): 569-74.

Candida seems to occur more frequently among wearers of pantyhose and those who use marijuana, malnutrition, alcoholism, bath additives and vaginal deodorisers may increase the risk.  Sometimes women seem to get candida when they are severely stressed, depressed or not eating properly.  I have seen cases that may link to antacids and antidepressant drugs.

You can pass on the infection to your partner and this may cause him to reinfect you, even if he doesn’t appear to have any symptoms. Condoms should be used when infections are present.

Various resistant strains may result from the increasing use of short course antifungal medications, but I don’t know if resistant strains occur as a result of ineffective natural treatments. See your practitioner if you are experiencing side effects from any treatment or if the condition is worsening, otherwise, it’s generally advisable to complete the prescribed course.


Medical/pharmaceutical treatments include over the counter and prescribed topical antifungal creams pessaries and ovules. Oral antifungal pharmaceuticals are prescribed when topical remedies have not been successful but these may not give a permanent “cure” in the majority of recurrent cases.

Boric acid pessaries. Basically, the treatment is 600mg of boric acid in a size of 0 gelatine capsule inserted in the vagina last thing at night for 10 to 15 days.  This treatment is 80 percent successful in eradicating Candida glabratta, a resistant strain.  Boric acid is a lethal poison at a dose of 15-20g and is never taken orally.  You absorb a little through the vaginal wall.  A pharmacy may be able to order in a course of boric acid pessaries.  This treatment  may irritate the area around the vagina and you may need to apply a soothing cream or almond oil externally just after inserting the pessary.


First, get a medical diagnosis, because some similar symptoms occur in eczema and various infections.

  • Oral, antifungal medicinal
  • Oregon grape herbs
  • Grapefruit seed extract
  • Pau d arco
  • Goldenrod
  • Thuja
  • Myrrh
  • Echinacea
  • Aloe
  • Green Walnut Hulls
  • Goldseal
  • Corn Silk
  • Olive Leaf

Herbalists generally prescribe a selection of these and may include herbs to strengthen the immune or nervous systems, such as astragalus, cats claw or ginseng.


Various natural pessaries and ovules are available, including tea tree oil, golden seal, calendula or lactobacillus.

Caution: Topical medical and natural remedies can aggravate, so always test everything- first on the inside of the elbow and, if this is OK, apply a tiny portion around the vaginal area. I don’t recommend douching because this depletes natural vaginal secretions and may upset the bacterial balance. Do not persist with natural therapies if they don’t work within one week because, aside from the pain and stress, you develop a secondary infection.


Candida feeds on sugars and like warm, dark, moist places.

  • Avoid all refined sugars and obviously high-sugar foods such as cakes, fruit juices and dried fruits.
  • Wear cotton undies and avoid tight jeans and trousers.  Very tight trousers cause heat and may rub the vaginal tissue, causing slight damage and making it more prone to infections. (Very tight clothes can also cause a backache and may contribute to pelvic congestion and varicose veins.) Perhaps at home wear a skirt and no undies to keep the area reasonably cool and reduce sweating.
  • Wipe from front to back after going to the toilet.
  • Urinate before and after sex.
  • Use minimal soap in the vaginal area, buy a product that is unscented and ph balanced.
  • The incidence of candida is higher in the tropics, so perhaps plan cool climate holidays.
  • If you are taking antibiotics ( a common cause of candidiasis), use Dr Mecherl PROFLOR A, contains Lactobacillus GG, Lactobacillus Plantarum, Lactobacillus acidophilus NCFM, & Rhamnosus LGG, Colostrum.because these strains seem to work more effectively to offest antibiotic side effects.  I suggest two or three doses daily of the Proflor A as far away in time as possible from the doses of antibiotics. The will ensure that a least for part of each day you have some healthy bacteria in your system. Continue with the Proflora A for a week after you finish the antibiotics.  One trial indicated that Lactobacillus was not effective, but this is not my experience and it may depend on the strain.  Two trials have indicated plain yoghurt may be helpful as preventive but check the labels for sugar content.


Some of my patients advise they have overcome recurring vaginal candida by following a strict diet that avoids not only sugars but also all the following foods.

  • All yeast bread, rolls, doughnuts and any product or supplement that contain yeast.
  • All cheese, including cottage, ricotta and soy cheese
  • Pickled and smoked foods, including corned beef and bacon
  • Beer, wine, ginger beer, sherry, port
  • Vinegar and any food that contains vinegar
  • Mushrooms
  • Soy sauce, tamari, miso, tofu
  • Vegemite, Marmite, Bonox, stock cubes
  • Dried and canned fruit
  • Melons and peanuts (because of their natural moulds)
  • Leftover foods.

However, this dietary program doesn’t make sense to me because there’s no evidence that one particular fungus, mould or fermentation process will cause a detrimental overgrowth of another fungus. In fact, some practitioners recommend yoghurt, miso, a little vinegar, olives and traditional coleslaw as part of a preventive program.  However, if you are desperate you may want to try this avoidance program for one month, evaluate, and then reintroduce the items one at a time in small quantities. Some women report they can tolerate some of these foods in small quantities.


  • Use wholegrains because these are not readily converted to glucose and have other advantages: rice fibre, for instance, contains gamma-oryzanol, which is somewhat antifungal.
  • Some culinary herbs have antifungal properties, so use these generously in your cooking. The list includes cinnamon, thyme, turmeric, rosemary, garlic, mustard, oregano, lemongrass and winter savoury.
  • Foods in the cabbage family are recommended.


For persistent or severe vaginal candida get practitioner help because the infection needs to be eradicated.

Dr Mecherl Lim

An Intuitive Medical Practitioner in Alternative Medicine (MD) (MA), Naturopath (ND), Holistic Kinesiology (HK), and Functional Medicine (FM)

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Crystal Endeavor 水晶奋进号

The largest and most spacious purpose-built Polar Class ship


Set to debut in 2020, Crystal Endeavor will be the largest and most spacious purpose-built Polar Class ship featuring Crystal’s celebrated service and hospitality, all-suite (100 suites only), butler-serviced accommodations, and unmatched choices for bold adventure in the world’s most remote destinations.


Fitness Center
Spa Sauna


The dining experience on board is a highlight on this luxury expedition yacht from Crystal Cruises. Specialty restaurants will include Prego, which serves traditional Italian fare, and will also host Crystal’s signature “Vintage Room” winemaker dinners; and Umi Uma, which serves signature sushi and specialties from Master Chef Nobu Matsuhisa.

Additionally, the yacht features elegant main dining venue, Waterside; the Asian-inspired Silk Kitchen & Bar, located in the two-story solarium during the evenings; and the European-inspired Bistro Café, which will offer full service breakfast and lunch. It is a go-to spot for freshly brewed espresso and teas.

水晶邮轮对餐饮的讲究也是水晶奋进号的特色之一,特色餐馆中还包括有帕戈意大利餐厅丶水晶招牌的复古餐厅葡萄酒晚宴,以及日本名厨松久幸信规划的 Umi Uma 亚洲餐厅所提供的特色寿司。

同时,游艇中的主餐厅是奢华极致的 Waterside 餐厅,而这两层高落地窗的空间,在傍晚则是丝路亚洲餐厅;至于早餐及午餐则是在欧式咖啡厅享用,同时不缺顶级咖啡与茶任君选择。


Crystal Endeavor’s PC6 designation will enable her to operate in summer and autumn through medium first-year ice. The ship features the latest technological advancements, including offshore dynamic positioning capabilities, offering both comfort and safety while exploring the icy waters in the Polar Regions as well as exotic locations across the globe.

拥有 PC6 破冰等级的水晶奋进号可在夏秋两季应付极地当年中冰。游艇具备最现近的设施及装备,这包括海上动力定位能力,以确保在极地川行时的安全。


10 Expensive Cars Hammered in 2018 2018高价拍卖的10款名车

1962 Ferrari 250 GTO

RM Sotheby’s Monterey 2018 made automobile sales record when a 1962 Ferrari 250 GTO, chassis 3413 was hammered for a cool $48,405,000. This result is not only the most expensive Italian built car ever but also the most expensive car in the world. Lualdi-Gabardine was the man behind the wheel to six overall victories and another five class wins in the 1962 Italian championship.


1958 Ferrari 250 GT Tour de France Berlinetta


1965 Ferrari 275 GTB Speciale

Another two Ferrari that made it to the list of most expensive cars sold in 2018 are the 1965 Ferrari 275 GTB Speciale, chassis 06437, sold for $8,085,000 at the Gooding Scottsdale 2018 sale and 1958 Ferrari 250 GT Tour de France Berlinetta, chassis 0905 GT, sold for $6,600,000 as the second highest result at the Gooding Pebble Beach 2018 sale.


1963 Aston Martin DP215 Grand Touring Competition Prototype

Two Aston Martin made it to the top 10 most expensive car sold in public auction 2018. The 1963 Aston Martin DP215 Grand Touring Competition Prototype, chassis DP215, sold for $21,455,000 at the RM Sotheby’s Monterey 2018 auction.

1961 Aston Martin DB4GT Zagato ‘2 VEV’.jpg

1961 Aston Martin DB4GT Zagato ‘2 VEV’

Whereas 1961 Aston Martin DB4GT Zagato ‘2 VEV’ was let go for $13,315,899 at the Bonhams Goodwood Festival of Speed sale. DP215 was the first car to break the 300 km/h barrier the DP4GT Zagato was one of only 19 cars produced and one of only four built to lightweight specification for racing purposes.

Ford GT40 Mk II.jpg

Ford GT40 Mk II

Just a little less that $10,000,000, bidders witnessed the 1966 Ford GT 40 Mk II, chassis P/1016 went for $9,795,000 at the the RM Sotheby’s Monterey 2018 sale. This Impressive number 5 was one of three Ford GT40s to have crossed the finish line at the 1966 Le Mans 24hr race completing 348 laps.

1935 Duesenberg SSJ.jpg

1935 Duesenberg SSJ

A 1935 Duesenberg SSJ not only made it to the top of American most expensive car list when it was sold for $22,000,000 at the Gooding Pebble Beach Auction this year but it also set a new record for the most expensive pre-war car ever sold at public auction. Only two Duesenberg SSJ cars were ever built with the record-setting car originally delivered to Gary Cooper and the second one to Clark Gable.


1958 Porsche 550A Spyder Works Racer

Many believe that there are only a few 550A Spyders left in the market. Car collectors will pay a lot of attention to owning one especially with the provenance of the 1958 Porsche 550A Spyder, chassis 0145, that began its racing life in the 1958 season, including taking part in the Dutch Grand Prix at Zandvoort. In short, this Porsche achieved the top result at the Bonhams Scottsdale 2018 sale commanding $5,170,000.


1955 Maserati A6GCS/53 Spyder

Last but not least is one of only three spiders built by Frua, the 1955 Maserati A6GCS/53 Spyder that was sold for $5,170,000 at the Gooding Pebble Beach 2018 auction. A popular model during the 1960s and won Best in Class 2010 at the Concorso d’Eleganza Villa d’Este.


1932 Alfa-Romeo Tipo B Grand Prix Monoposto

When the Monoposto Alfa Romeo made its first appearance, at Monza in 1932, it not only set new standards of aesthetics in racing car design, it also created something of a legend in Grand Prix history. Richard-Shuttleworth won the 1935 Donington Grand Prix – the first full-distance grand prix race in this 1932 Alfa-Romeo Tipo B Grand Prix Monoposto. This Heritage sports car was sold at the Bonhams Goodwood Festival of Speed sale 2018 for $6,067,210.

An Invitation For Learning : International Museum Day

by Adline Abdul Ghani

Museums play a crucial role in their local communities, particularly in their cultural landscape and their natural environment.

And to celebrate the importance of museums, each year a special event is organised in museums throughout the world – International Museum Day.

4. Students painting with coffee and learning about coffee culture of the Islamic world.
Students painting with coffee and learning about coffee culture of the Islamic world.

According to the International Council of Museums (ICOM), the objective of International Museum Day is to raise awareness of the fact that, “Museums are an important means of cultural exchange, enrichment of cultures and development of mutual understanding, cooperation and peace among peoples.”

The event is held on and around 18 May each year, with each year seeing a larger global participation than before. In 2017, for example, International Museum Day garnered record-breaking participation, with more than 36,000 museums hosting events in some 157 countries and territories.

This year’s theme, ‘Hyperconnected museums: New approaches, new publics,’ is truly apt, as it is impossible to understand the role of museums without taking into account all the connections they make. Thanks to technology, museums can now reach way beyond their core audience and find new publics when approaching their collections in a different way: it can be the digitalisation of their collections, adding multimedia elements to the exhibition or something as simple as a hashtag that allows visitors to share their experience in social media. However, not all these new connections are due to technology. As museums strive to maintain their relevance in society, they shift their attention to the local community and the diverse groups that make it up.

5. Wariscan, a prototype smartphone app with a Virtual Kiswah and Virtual Reality Holy Kaabah.
Wariscan, a prototype smartphone app with a Virtual Kiswah and Virtual Reality Holy Kaabah.
6. Children mesmerised by a storytelling session held at the IAMM Children's Library.
Children mesmerised by a storytelling session held at the IAMM Children’s Library.

This year, as in the years prior, the Islamic Arts Museum Malaysia organised an array of activities specially for International Museum Day. However, the IAMM decided to organise the event on 18 July 2018, as May was reserved for observing the month of Ramadan. IAMM certainly made a real connection with hundreds of visitors that day, which included over 600 students from schools around the Klang Valley. 

In order to cater to its young visitors, the IAMM staff set up booths, which offered various hands-on activities. This included a batik-making booth, where visitors had the chance to try their hand at hand-drawn batik, as well as add their personal designs to a large batik piece.

At the Conservator Booth, people of all ages tried the Digging the Past Activity, where they could pretend to excavate precious artifacts.  And at the Curator Booth, visitors had a different taste of coffee culture by trying their hand at painting with coffee! Other highlights included a calligraphy demonstration by Persatuan Seni Khat Kebangsaan and Wariscan, a prototype smartphone app with a Virtual Kiswah and Virtual Reality Holy Kaabah.

Overall, it was a splendid day of learning for all IAMM visitors. Many of the young patrons left with a new regard for museums as an exciting place to learn and experience new things. And for the museum, it was an excellent opportunity to engage with the public and strengthen connections with them.

Inspiration of The Sea 来自深海的启发

Maple Palace takes pleasure indulging its guests in some of Asia’s most diverse variety of sea-inspired dishes. Over the years, the restaurant attracts some of the largest seafood enthusiasts from all corners of the world through its revolutionized approach to create some of the most tasteful seafood cuisines in South-east Asia. The menu proves its true indulgence blending traditional concoction of spices with modern flavors available only in this part of the world.


Maple Palace_1.jpgThe art of steaming is perfected over centuries of trials and tribulations in Asian cuisine mostly used in preparing fresh seafood. The “Steamed Grouper with Fresh Clams & White Radish” is truly a test of simplicity. Blending only the freshest herbs and ingredients from the region, this mild concoction offers an explosion of fresh flavors locally grown and sourced.


Maple Palace_2

Another classic favorite for returning guests at the Maple Palace has to be the “Steamed Cod Fish with Black Fungus & Cordyceps”. It is specially prepared to accentuate the milky and delicate texture complimented by popular Chinese condiment and herbs.


Maple Palace_3

Opt for a spicier encounter popularized over generations living along the Straits of Malacca. Maple Palace’s “Signature Clay Pot Fish Curry” not only oozes generosity but also signifies the harmony of  cultures formed via the spice route. If spice may just be a trigger of too many hot spots, a non-spicy version is also available. 


Screen Shot 2018-10-03 at 11.51.59 AM.png