New Scene For Enterprises 企业新场景

Sheon Soo Huan.pngSheon Soo Huan

Chief Executive Officer of Emphasise Communication Sdn Bhd

Emphasise Communication Sdn Bhd 首席执行官

“Our strategic locations will be beneficial to entrepreneurs andwe want to see more SMEs succeed. To be a fragment of their success story, is an achievement to our vision too.”

More than often, advertisements especially outdoor billboards are dominated by the big boys of the business because of the high cost production. Today, digital technology offers greater creative opportunities for businesses. It allows flexibility and affordability that can benefit millions of small and medium scale enterprises in Malaysia to reach out to potential customers in more attractive formats.

Emphasise Communication Sdn Bhd (Emphasise), a new start-up company, owns and manages LED billboards branded AIM, is offering affordable digital advertising ad slots that makes it possible for small and medium-scale entrepreneurs to have equal brand presence as the bigger brand businesses.

Sheon Hoo Huan, Chief Executive Officer of Emphasise, envisioned a transformation of the local outdoor electronic advertising market. “There are close to a million small and medium scale enterprises in Malaysia with about 90 per cent of them in the service sector. We want to help them to build their brands in half the time it normally takes for entrepreneurs to start branding exercises on mass medium. When we see an outdoor advertisement, we perceive that the company has reached a certain level of financial strength to spend on high cost production. It takes time to get there and yet, brand awareness is essential to improving the market. One can’t be done without the other. Time vs resources become success essential.”

Most entrepreneurs resort to digital marketing because the cost and market reach is within control and resources.

“Outdoor mediums tap into the subconscious mind. Its vivid and bright display attracts the attention of passer-bys instantly. The message that is on the display will subconsciously become information in your mind and the great thing about the subconscious mind is that it is always “on”. Regardless of what you do, it is active day and night.”

AIM LED Billboards was the first to cover a whole 360° of a roundabout. It’s located at a high traffic area with at least 150,000 vehicles passing a day.

“Our strategic locations will be beneficial to entrepreneurs and we want to see more SMEs ucceed. To be a fragment of their success story, is an achievement to our vision too.”

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作为一家新成立的初创公司,Emphasise Communication Sdn Bhd (Emphasise) 拥有并掌管 LED(发光二极管)广告品牌-AIM,这个价格适宜的电子科技广告,使中小企业家具备与大品牌商家的宣传形象分庭抗礼的优势。

Emphasise 的首席执行官 Sheon Soo Huan 展望户外电子广告市场的转型。“马来西亚有近百万家中小型企业,其中大概 90% 是在服务业,而我希望协助他们建立自己的品牌,因为这比起在大众媒体上进行品牌推广,可节约一半的时间。而且,人们都会以户外广告的制定评价一家公司的财务实力,因为这是高营销成本。虽然实践需要时间,但是品牌意识对于拓展市场至关重要,可说是缺一不可,时间比对资源就是成功的关键。”



AIM LED 广告牌是首个拥有 360° 铺天盖地的营销宣传方式,设置于每天至少多达 15 万辆车流的交通繁忙地区。