Lady of Her Time 女性的时光


Known for her beauty, passion and incredible on-screen success, OMEGA brand ambassador Nicole Kidman was the perfect candidate to officially open OMEGA’s celebratory exhibition in St. Petersburg entitled “Her Time”.

欧米茄(OMEGA)品牌大使 Nicole Kidman 以美貌与激情,还有在电影银幕表演缔造的巨大成就而闻名,当然也是欧米茄在俄罗斯圣彼得堡举办的“她的时光”庆典展览的最佳代表人选。

omega_63.jpgOMEGA’s well-travelled showcase of women’s watchmaking was launched with signature OMEGA style at a special cocktail party and dinner attended by international guests and media, as well as Oscar-winner and OMEGA ambassador Nicole Kidman. OMEGA’s “Her Time” displays OMEGA’s evolution of women’s timepieces and changing styles, from early Lèpine pendants and the iconic Ladymatic, through to “secret jewellery watches” and today’s latest creations.

The granite and marble of St. Petersburg’s famous neoclassical palace provided a stark and striking backdrop to OMEGA’s quintessentially feminine timepieces, and brought a real sense of drama to the display. OMEGA’s journey with women has been a synchronised story of time and fashion. No matter the decade, the brand has always kept step with society’s many changing attitudes and styles.

而欧米茄女性腕表百年臻品展览也显示品牌对于世代杰出女性的赞礼。预览会的鸡尾酒会和晚宴的出席者除了国际宾客和媒体,奥斯卡奖得主、品牌大使 Nicole Kidman 亮相其中。“她的时光”展示了欧米茄对于每个时代女性形象特质的变迁和创新风格,从早期华丽的 Lepine 吊坠怀表到标志性的 Ladymatic,还有“隐秘珠宝腕表”到如今的全新创作。