Asia Rendezvous Charts New Territory on Penang Island 亚洲名品汇集新领域槟岛

Penang Rendezvous Day 1 _ 2 Highlights (74)

After its successful editions in Singapore and Phuket, Southeast Asia’s most anticipated luxury lifestyle event, Asia Rendezvous, brought the excitement to Penang Island where guests were treated to one-of-a-kind experiences by renowned brands in luxury lifestyle. From yachts, classic cars and supercars to high-end properties, art, fine wines and gastronomy, this four-day event also introduced visitors to world-renowned brand showcases offering unique customisation options.

The event took place at the scenic Straits Quay Marina, a picturesque sea-fronting space where it saw Kronenbourg, Leopard Catamarans, Martell, Bentley, Pen Marine and many other event partners converge to showcase their latest product and services.

Aditus, a luxury access platform for crypto-affluents and sponsor of Penang Rendezvous, hosted a number of seminars to introduce the powerful method of investment and building the standard of luxury in the lifestyle industry through cryptocurrency.

Asia Rendezvous continue its focus to strengthen its position as the premier luxury lifestyle event and is seeking to secure more anchors and partners to enhance global collaborations.

Guests were treated to four days where the Straits Quay Marina was transformed into a bustling hub to showcase all things luxury, including yachts, supercars, classic cars, properties, a

东南亚万众期待的奢华盛会 “Asia Rendezvou” 继在新加坡和普吉岛成功举办后,这次落在槟城,国际奢侈品牌云集并带来令人兴奋的深刻体验。从游艇、经典豪车、超级跑车和高端房地产等,再到艺术,美酒和美食,四天的活动还为参观者推介了世界知名品牌提供最独家精致的定制选项。

这项盛会在美丽的槟岛海峡港口举行,当天荟聚 KronenbourgLeopard CatamaransMartell BentleyPen Marine 等知名品牌和其他活动合作伙伴,纷纷展示他们的最新产品和服务。

Aditus – 这家以聚集“加密名人”奢侈品和生活方式门户平台,同时也是这项盛会的赞助商。透过举办一系列研讨会,介绍通过加密货币投资和建立奢华生活方式标准的强大渠道。

至于 Asia Rendezvous 将持续专注加强作为汇集顶级奢华生活方式的盛会活动,并寻求获得更多的聚焦点和商业伙伴,以扩展全球合作。

Penang Rendezvous Day 1 _ 2 Highlights (355)