Serena Lindeman : Australia’s most luxurious fashion experience to date 体验澳洲最奢华的时尚

Serena Lindeman-5.jpgSerena Lindeman recently made her Malaysia’s debut showcase when she became the first milliner invited by CHT Awards to perform at its 7th edition in Kuala Lumpur. The catwalk showcase also included other celebrated fashion designers from Australia.

Over the years, Serena has spun her designs into contemporary and classic hats that adorn the heads of some of Melbourne’s racing royalty. She brings glamour and fun to Melbourne’s fashion parades and millinery competitions with the Melbourne Cup Carnival as her focus.

The Melbourne-based milliner weaves her magic in a studio within the Nicholas Building overlooking Swanston street. This is where her designs are transformed into reality, and fitted in a variety of styles before clients make their final call.

Serena Lindeman 最近应 2018 7CHT国际大奖之邀,而带著其作品千里迢迢到马来西亚参与时装秀,即在颁奖礼的走秀环节中连同其他澳洲设计师的服装设计闪亮登场。

多年来,不管是当代或经典的 Serena Lindeman 作品系列,都为墨尔本赛马场增添不少头顶上的风光,而为墨尔本的时尚增添风采及趣味同时,墨爾本杯狂歡節中的帽饰比赛则是她专注的焦点。

来自墨尔本的 Serena Lindeman 在斯旺斯顿街的尼古拉斯大楼设有工作室,而这里也是她创造无数头顶风光的地方。

Serena Lindeman-2Serena Lindeman-3OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Text by Monica Tong

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