Pottinger The Heart of Hong Kong 石板街酒店,香港中环之魂 

Rigatoni with Tuscan sausage in spicy tomato sauce, sprinkled with ParmesanThePottingerHongKong_11. Pottinger Suite Livingroom

Don’t judge the book by its cover is exactly what many will agree when it comes to Pottinger Hong Kong. Situated right in Central, this is not a 5 star boutique hotel that one will expect until walking through the main door into a small but beautifully designed lobby and being received by very polite and welcoming staff with big smiles. Unlike some of the big brands with massive rooms and tall buildings, Pottinger Hong Kong houses only 68 luxury rooms with an award winning Italian restaurant Gradini Ristorante E Bar Italiano serving not only fine Italian cuisine but also a popular afternoon tea for those who desire elegance with a touch of creativity.

许多人在谈到香港时会相当认同“不要以封面来判断一本书好坏”这个原理。因此,但看到这家酒店坐落在喧嚣市中心,外表看起来并非一家“既定模式”的五星级精品酒店,直到你穿过大门进入一个小巧精致的酒店大堂,受到彬彬有礼、服务周到的酒店员工热情接待。区别于一些大品牌酒店的豪华大套房和高楼大厦,香港中环石板街酒店 – The Pottinger Hong Kong 只有 68 间豪华客房,还设有一家获奖无数的意大利餐厅 Gradini Ristorante E Bar Italiano,不仅提供意式美食,也打造优雅舒适的下午茶餐点环境。

ThePottingerHongKong_00. Gradini_BarThePottingerHongKong_00. Gradini_Interior_high ceilingUnlike others, Pottinger Hong Kong is perfectly located in between Hong Kong’s heritage and modern vicinities. Pottinger Street nearby itself is a prime example of the island’s rich and varied past. Named after the first Governor, Henry Pottinger, this boutique hotel is the hotel where East meets West and Heritage meets Modernity. Any visitor whose ultimate visit is to experience the true spirit and energy of Hong Kong, then Pottinger Hong Kong is definitely the hotel for you.

最与众不同的是,这家酒店在当地的传统与现代风格之间有着完美融合的定位。而酒店位于的砵甸乍街 (Pottinger Street) 或称石板街,本身就是香港岛上具备丰富多彩历史的典型地带。这家精品酒店以香港第一任总督 Henry Pottinger 的名字命名,是东西方交融、传统与现代交汇的酒店。如果香港之行最终目的是体验香港真正的精神和活力,那么香港中环石板街酒店绝对是不二选择。

Gradini X Estée Lauder Black Truffle Diamond Afternoon Tea(For one) (1)Gradini X Estée Lauder Black Truffle Diamond Afternoon Tea(For two) (1)A stroll down the road for early morning Dim Sum in Lian Xiang Lou where food is served in push carts while service is still with old style attitude are what old Hong Kong living cultureis all about. After breakfast, just around the corner, one can find street stalls selling varieties from Donald Trump’s masks, tourist products to fresh juice aligning the steps luring visitors to spend a few bucks. Walking a few hundred steps up and one will wander onto the first road Hong Kong built in 1844 – Hollywood Road, a place that is famous for its antique dealers, curio merchants and art galleries. If it is already time for lunch, then look for any Michelin star or guide or Hong Kong typical local down to earth coffee shop style will definitely be an experience. From the top, tourists may travel back down by taking the longest outdoor covered escalator system in the world, while exploring the boutique shops around. Usually by this time, the day would be hot if not raining. This is a good time to make an effort to connect with old friends or associates and the best place to meet and chit chat is non other than having a much needed relaxing hi tea in Pottinger Hong Kong. A sip of fine wine and tasting the little unique classy bites with good friends around is a perfect lifestyle that money cannot buy.


Roasted GooseThePottingerHongKong_01. Main Entrance on Stanley Street_retouched

After tea, a quick shut eye, a good bath and getting ready, Hong Kong nightlife is yet another adventure one should not miss. One of Hong Kong’s most popular heritage restaurant is just 5 minutes walk from the hotel. Yung Kee is famous for its finger licking good roast goose and fine Chinese culinary dishes. Dinner probably will finish around 9.30pm or 10pm. Don’t be surprised to see a lot of people walking up and down Lan Kwai Fong when you walk out the restaurant because the night is still young and this is when the party begins. Lan Kwai Fong is the place to be when it comes to dining, drinking, socializing and loud music. People there are usually very friendly. Don’t worry about getting drunk and not being able to go back to the hotel as it is only 5 minutes away by foot. After a long day, rooms in Pottinger Hong Kong are considered above average in size and very good in terms of feel and comfort.


For the remaining days in Hong Kong, Central station is just 5 minutes away conveniently connecting almost all tourist and popular destinations including Disneyland and Airport Express. In short, Pottinger Hong Kong is the hotel one should seriously consider if convenience, class and lifestyle experience are what one is looks for when visiting Hong Kong. 


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