Oriental Red First Seafood Market in Penang 东方红海味

Oriental Red-1
3-Tiers Lobster Tray 三层式龙虾拼盘

Oriental Red-4


Oriental Red Seafood Market is not your normal neighbourhood seafood restaurant. With no prix fixe menu, diners are given the flexibility to handpick their own desired seafood from the seafood counter.

The seafood comes in a wide variety, with some fresh and some frozen. Selected seafood will then be cooked by the dedicated team and served in the way of Nabe (Japanese Hot Pot). It is noteworthy that the special broth for the Nabe is authentically prepared in Japan and air-flown to the restaurant.

Oriental Red-3.jpg
Petr Feher, Ch’ng Huck Theng, & Director of Oriental Red Paul Goh

槟城的东方红海味是一家特别的餐厅,这里虽然没有餐单,但只要在店内的海产市场选好新鲜或冷冻的海鲜,店家都会免费以他们从日本特别调制后空运过来的 Nabe 汤煲 (Hot Pot) 为食客烹煮海鲜,让人即可购物又可同时用餐。

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