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Ghee Hiang at Melbourne_1

Celebrating a heritage of 162 years, Ghee Hiang appointed Executive Chef Jeffrey Tan as Brand Ambassador in Australia in a MOU signing ceremony in the Consulate of Malaysia. Witnessing this milestone was Mr Westmoreland the Consul General of Malaysia to Melbourne.

Ghee Hiang is a famous household brand for its 100% pure roasted sesame oil and hand made traditional Chinese pastries originated from Fujian province in China. The brand was brought over by a pastries chef in 1856 when migrating to Malaysia (Malaya then). Chef Jeffrey is a well known name in Melbourne associated with his Cooking for Charity movement that has raised more that AUD4,000,000 over the years.

Ghee Hiang at Melbourne_3Ghee Hiang at Melbourne_4

迎来创立 162 周年的同时,义香也任命执行主厨 Jeffery Tan 作为澳大利亚品牌大使,而在马来西亚驻澳大利亚领事馆举行的签署备忘录仪式,由马来西亚驻墨尔本总领事 Westmoreland 先生见证这具有意义的里程碑时刻。

义香 (Ghee Hiang) 是家喻户晓的老字号品牌,其 100% 纯正麻油和手工制作的中式传统糕点起源于中国福建省。而当时是由一名糕点师于 1856 年移居马来西亚(旧称马来亚)时,将这项工艺带过来流传至今。至于 Jeffery Tan 主厨则是墨尔本著名厨艺大师,他为慈善事业所筹募的公益资金高达近 400 万澳元。

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