Millennial Stars 千禧明星

The latest BAMBI Awards 2017 in Berlin saw Kryolan – the leading international manufacturer of professional make-up – present the red-carpet stars with some of the latest Red Carpet Looks of the season to make their perfect entrance: the discrete “no make-up look” for him and the popular “millennial pink” for her. While the “millennial pink” celebrates the ‘unintentional’ highlights and the comeback of rouge, the 2017/2018 red carpet season also highlighted glowy cheeks in dewy peach tones – a combination of subtlety and intensity that leaves both an impression and a sense of playfulness. As for him, Kryolan strives to commit to the subtle look with transparent mascara and colourless eyebrow gel to guarantee a magical moment in the flurry of camera flashes. Who said men don’t need make-up? It’s discretion that plays an important role.


2017 年 BAMBI 大奖在德国柏林盛大举行,国际领先的专业化妆品制造商 Kryolan 展示全新的红地毯妆容,让明星们完美登场。除了以透明妆容为男明星点缀,广受欢迎的“千禧粉”也让女明星们锦上添花。“千禧粉”是指“无意”的点亮和胭红的回归,2017 / 2018 年的红毯季也凸显另外一种风格的桃粉色脸颊,这是微妙和强烈的结合,给人留下深刻印象,而且带有调皮感。至于男士们,Kryolan致力以透明的睫毛膏和无色眉胶来保持英挺俊朗的外型,应对镁光灯闪烁的神奇时刻。谁说男人不需要化妆?其实关键是适度。


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