Dato' Dr Colin Lee Soon Soo

Hope Springs Eternal 希望之泉永存

Dato’ Dr Colin Lee Soon Soo_Cover Story.pngDato’ Dr Colin Lee Soon Soo
Consultant Fertility Specialist and Gynaecologist

Alpha Fertility Centre’s pregnancy rates are comparable to the very top IVF facilities around the world


A formidable force on the frontier of in vitro fertilisation (IVF) Dato’ Dr Colin Lee is the leading consultant fertility specialist and gynaecologist in Malaysia and Asia.

Armed with 32 years of medical practice, the founder and former medical director of Tropicana Medical Centre, TMC Fertility Centre and Damansara Fertility Centre, set up the new Alpha Fertility Centre (AFC) in 2011, with special interest in preimplantation genetic diagnosis (PGD).

His list of ground-breaking work reads like a powerhouse academic journal. Dato’ Dr Lee successfully brought to life the world’s first micro-injection baby in 1989, the world’s first human co-culture blastocyst baby in 1991. His efforts include the development of a mathematical formula for determining the appropriate quantum of ovarian drilling for polycystic ovary syndrome patients and, an elaborate protocol and communication system for embryo transfer. He is also the first person in Asia and Australia to deploy micro-array comparative genomic hybridization (MaCGH) for genetic testing of all 23 chromosomes in embryos. The world’s first pregnancy and delivery following PGD-CGH diagnosis of chromosome inversion, the world’s first pregnancy and delivery in a patient born without a vagina, and the world’s first reported delivery following the salvage of a presumably abnormal embryo are all milestones on his impressive resume.

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It is my fervent wish to see more couples attain the joy of a complete family.

“IVF has been in Malaysia for 30 years. Twenty years ago, the pregnancy rates were only at about 10%. Now it has touched 80% for each embryo transfer. Malaysia has comprehensive and arguably the most wide-ranging fertility services in Asia and Australia. Malaysians used to go to Singapore to undergo fertility treatment. Today the reverse is apparent as Malaysia is now the leading destination for IVF treatment in the region.”

Under the expertise of Dato’ Dr Lee, AFC has documented remarkable pregnancy rates through published international medical journals and congresses. “AFC’s pregnancy rates are comparable to the very top IVF facilities around the world.” By no means a small feat, these high success rates are achieved by handshaking the latest technology with specialised training. “We are the first to use the Intra Cytoplasmic Sperm Injection chamber in South East Asia; the latest Cryotec® freezing technology for embryos/blastocysts that provides 100% survival rates for post-thaw embryo/blastocyst; the PIEZO-ICSI that achieves higher fertilisation rates and less injuries to eggs; and Microsort which selects the best and the most appropriate sperm to be injected into the egg. We recently purchased two Embryoscope Time Lapse incubators, for selection of the best embryos for transfer.”

Dato’ Dr Lee is insatiable in his quest for optimum methodologies and higher pregnancy rates for his patients. “In future, preimplantation genetic screening and the freezing of embryos for 100% survival rates would be standard features for all IVF procedures. At the AFC, 80% of IVFs are done with PGS. I have trained 13 fertility specialists over the last 20 years and wish to train more so that I can leave a legacy, in that respect. It is my fervent wish to see more couples attain the joy of a complete family.” Straight from his heart, Dato’ Dr Lee also hopes to be able to make effective IVF treatment affordable and accessible to couples who are financially challenged.

A well-equipped embryology lab and expertise are vital to the success of fertility treatment. “If there is a weak link in an IVF process, that will become the limiting factor of the pregnancy rate.” AFC subscribes to a high level of excellence and innovation. “In this global and borderless environment, we believe we have what it takes to be the best as we continue to position Malaysia in the world fertility map.”

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在马来西亚和亚洲的体外受精或试管婴儿(in vitro fertilisation – IVF) 领域,拿督李顺树医生所带领的团队是强大的开拓力量,本身更被誉为行业领先的生育专家顾问和妇科医生。

作为丽阳医疗中心(Tropicana Medical Centre), 丽阳助孕妇中心 (TMC Fertility Centre) 和白沙罗助孕中心 (Damansara Fertility Centre) 的创办者及前总裁,拿督李顺树医生具备32年的医疗实践作业,并且在2011年创立新的阿儿法助孕中心 (Alpha Fertility Centre – AFC),更专注于胚胎移植前基因诊断 (PGD)。



在李医生的专业领导下,AFC通过出版的国际医学期刊和代表大会记录了进展非凡的妊娠率。AFC的成功妊娠率可与世界上顶尖的体外受精设施相媲美。“这绝非小成就,这些高成功率是通过对最新技术进行专业训练而取得。我们是东南亚首个使用单精子注射 (Intra Cytoplasmic Sperm Injection – ICSI)温箱;最新的Cryotec®胚胎或囊胚冷冻技术提供解冻后的胚胎或囊胚具备100%的存活率。还有能够达到较高的受精率和减少损害卵子的压电式胞浆内单精子注射(PIEZO-ICSI),分类出最佳与合适的精子注入到卵子中。我们最近也购买了两部胚胎实时监控器,用于精选胚胎进行


而显然拿督李顺树医生对于为患者寻求最佳方法和更高怀孕率的技术方向无法轻易满足。“在未来,胚胎植入前基因筛查 (PGS) 和胚胎冷冻技术,讲究100%的存活率将是所有体外受精过程的特定标准。而在AFC,80%的体外受精是通过PGS完成的,过去的20年里,我训练了13位生育专家,并希望培训更多的人,让他们继承这方面的遗产。我怀着热切盼望的心情目睹更多的夫妻因获得一个完整家庭而感到快乐。”在他的内心深处,也期望那些经济条件拮据的夫妻能够负担得起和接受有效的体外受精治疗。



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