Celebrating Big 70 欢庆70寿辰


Datuk Syed Aidid Syed Murtaza celebrated his big 70th birthday in 32 at the Mansion in style when he sang along with his son while Dato’ Brian Tan played the piano. Datuk Aidid later took off his shirt and showed off his body in front of his family and close friends telling all that he was still strong and healthy. Candidly he told everyone that he would have another 30 odd years to go according to the age calculation of his father and grandfather.


拿督 Syed Aidid Syed Murtaza 在热情亲友们的围绕下欢庆 70 大寿。这个在 32 at the Mansion 举行的庆祝会现场一片欢腾,在拿督 Brian Tan钢琴伴奏下,寿星除了与儿子温馨合唱,而且也当场脱下上衣,展示自己的身段,并宣称他依然健壮。他也坦率相告,根据他父亲和祖父的平均年龄计算,他还有 30 多年的时间可持续迈进。

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