Having Ultimate Fun at Universal Studios Japan 日本大阪环球影城

By Oo Lean Hooi

MWP_sub6.jpgMinions Mayhem Snow Party-edit.jpg

Travel to Osaka is not complete without making a trip to Universal Studios Japan (USJ). The world’s largest Minions Area and The Wizarding World of Harry PotterTM are the two unique attractions that draw the crowd from far and near to experience the USJ fun and magic moment.

The main feature of Universal Summer Festival are the Minion Hacha-mecha Snow Party and Minion Water Surprise Parade. You can dance with the Minions during the snow party or splash around when the water surprise parade passes by to enjoy real summer fun.

The Wizarding World of Harry PotterTM is a must-visit theme park, especially for Harry Potter fans. When you first step into the iconic Hogwarts castle and Hogsmeade village, you step inside a world where magic is real and you can also experience the 4K3D technology of unparalleled realism.

USJ Halloween event is one of the region’s most anticipated events. This year USJ will bring to its visitors the scariest-ever Halloween Horror Night. 20 different types of the living dead – the widest variety of zombies ready to come out on the street and “attack” people. Scare-addicts, this is the event of the year you’ve been waiting for.

night_party_main-edit.jpg每当夏季到来,USJ 就会为粉丝们准备超级精彩且会陷入疯狂的 Summer Fun,今年夏日活动就有小小兵陪伴大家欢度夏日假期,其中最让人期待就是“小小兵雪花疯狂派对”与“小小兵水花惊喜游行”,与小小兵一起展开泼水乐。

哈利波特的魔法世界是强烈推荐一定要到达的,尤其是哈迷们,不管排多长的队伍都一定要想法子进入霍格沃茨城堡,跟哈利与他的伙伴体验禁忌之旅,这项游乐设施以4K3D 最新技术进化,完全是真实体验与哈利一起追“金探子”。

从9月8日起,日本环球影城也配合年度万圣节推出期间限定的“环球惊喜万圣节与惊魂夜”,白天有变装游行、不给糖就捣蛋活动,最刺激就是夜晚的高达 20 种街头僵尸出没。想想,没有胆量还真的没有勇气入园区。


首次出现在大阪环球影城万圣节有“亡者森林”,游客会在影城全区面对僵尸们的对峙,体会生死瞬间的战栗感。还有“创伤 3 恐怖监禁实验室”,你会走进史上最长,没有出口的恐怖馆。还有备受喜爱的“鬼娃恰吉”、“半夜鬼上床迷宫3”、“大法师-除魔行馆”、“贞子-被诅咒的游乐设施”、“学校怪谈”,单听这些设施名字,爱挑战恐怖的你真的不可错过。当然,所有活动时间及地点,还是要以日本环球影城的公告为主。

Special thanks to Universal Studios Japan and APPLE Vacations
Website: www.usj.co.jp

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