Trumping Reillys Wines & Naturavino 王牌莱利斯葡萄酒

Teels Heritage Café, located in Penang, recently organised a wine tasting session featuring wines from the Clare Valley in South Australia by winemaker Justin Ardil. The evening was hosted by Reillys Wines & Naturavino principal Raymond Yeap accompanied by Chef Bryan Tang in a degustation tasting menu of 9 courses with a variety of wines introduced to over 30 attendees. Teels Heritage Café provide an atmosphere of times gone by with a cosy interior decorated with upholstered couches and black and white photos reminiscence of a blast from the past.

Teels 195

位于槟城的 Teels Heritage Café, 咖啡馆餐厅近日举行一场由澳大利亚南部克莱尔谷的莱利斯(Reillys)酒庄首席酿酒师Justin Ardil 酿造的葡萄酒品酒会。当晚,Reillys Wines & Naturavino的负责人 Raymond Yeap 连同大厨 Bryan Tang 透过9种不同类别的美酒品尝菜单进行介绍,让逾30名参与者获益良多。至于 Teels Heritage Café 咖啡馆餐厅充满怀旧氛围,舒适的室内装潢基调,惬意的软垫长沙发,记忆过去大事记的黑白照片,令人松懈心情。

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