Tag Heuer Meets NBA Basketball Champion 泰格豪雅会见NBA冠军

Matthew Dellavedova take on the Batak Don’t Crack Under Pressure basketball challenge while visiting the TAG Heuer Collins St in its Melbourne boutique recently. The Australian NBA basketball champion set the standard high when he showed off his skill, bouncing a basketball whilst hitting the illuminated scoreboard on the Batak machine. Amidst his busy schedule, he took time from his off-season schedule to sign TAG Heuer caps, take photographs and chat with fans. He secured an NBA roster spot with Cleveland Cavaliers before winning the NBA Championship in 2015 alongside Lebron James and Kyrie Irving. Apart from carrying the Avant-Garde spirit of TAG Heuer, Dellavedova is also playing with the Milwaukee Bucks.

TAGHeuer_MatthewDellavedova (9)TAGHeuer_MatthewDellavedova (11)

澳洲职业篮球运动员 Matthew Dellavedova 拜访泰格豪雅位于墨尔本的旗舰店,同时接受 “Don’t Crack Under Pressure Basketball” 挑战。他当场秀出高超技能,频频得分。Matthew 在繁忙的行程中抽出时间,为粉丝在泰格豪雅帽子上签名兼拍照聊天。他在随克里夫兰骑士队获得 NBA 冠军前,曾和 Lebron James 及 Kyrie Irving 并肩而战。Matthew 秉持泰格豪雅无惧挑战、成就自我的精神,现效力于 NBA 密尔瓦基公鹿队。

TAGHeuer_MatthewDellavedova (13)

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