Timelessness in Fun & Play 永恒的乐趣时光


Hong Kong Museum of History has taken on an exciting challenge – one that has not only attracted the young hearts of little children in Hong Kong but has also charmed adult and kids alike worldwide with adorable designs and features.

We are, of course, talking about toys. Partnering with Hong Kong Toys Council and the Toys Manufacturers’ Association of Hong Kong, the exhibition weaves through the evolution of toys in the past century and the way industrialists revolutionalise and guaranteed the good quality of items ‘Made in Hong Kong’.

One of the most popular parts of the exhibition features a play area to encourage the importance of play and also the meaning of toys. The exhibits present ways on how entertainment came in various forms including animation, comics, cinema and television, and trends which influence the production of toys. Hong Kong has played a prominent role in the evolution of toys and gone beyond just fun and play.





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