Innovation with A Twist 曲折的创新

Media Ambition Tokyo 2017
Toshiya Yui x Tomohiro Yokota x Tomoko Hashida / Floatio Applever
Media Ambition Tokyo 2017
David Letellier / Versus

Media Ambition Tokyo, now in its 4th edition, is fast becoming one of the fastest growing cultural showcase of technological art with an experimental twist in urban Tokyo. Organised by the MAT Committee, the exhibition is set to take place for almost a month all around Tokyo focusing on some of the most dynamic part of the city including Roppongi, Aoyama, Ochanomizu, Toranomon and a few more other venues. These venues will host super-edgy artwork, video, music, performances, hacks and talk shows.

Over the years, the programmes have organically increased and expanded covering international and local participants. The exhibition focuses on showcasing the evolving systematic designs of transportation, communication and information and the potential of technology in creating the city’s future. Through experimental projects unlimited by category or genre, MAT aims to develop the reformative movement in technology through art.

Previous collaborators include Apple Store in Ginza and Omotesando, Institut Francais Tokyo, Intersect by Lexus-Tokyo, IMA Concept Store, Digital Hollywood University and the National Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation. In 2016, they have also collaborated with Yasei Collective and producer Keiichiro Shibuya for its opening live show titled ‘Digitally Show’.

Media Ambition Tokyo 2017
Akira Wakita & Tesuya Komuro / Scalar Fields
Think Evolution #1 : Kiku-ishi(Ammonite): AKI INOMATA /???????????????
AKI INOMATA / Think Evolution / Kiku-ishi (Ammonite)
Yoshiharu Suzuki/??????:Yuta Sasaki/??? ??
Yuta Sasaki / Yoshiharu Suzuki

被誉为科技艺术表演秀的 ”Media Ambition Tokyo” 迈入第4年,成为增长最快速的文化科技展示,并在东京城市展开实验性大扭转。这项由MAT委员会组织主办的展览会将在东京举行,其中近一个月的活动,集中在一些最具活力的区域,包括六本木、青山、御茶水,虎之門等几个场地据点,现场举办展览超尖端的艺术作品、影像、音乐、表演,黑客和谈话节目。


之前的合作者计有银座和表参道的苹果旗舰店、东京法国文化中心、雷克萨斯品牌形象馆、IMA概念店,数字好莱坞大学与日本科学未来馆。在2016年,他们还与Yasei Collective和制作人涉谷庆一郎合作,开幕现场掀开“数字化表演”。

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