For The Name of Art 以艺术之名


‘Small but Impressive’ is probably the perfect caption for ARTJOG for those who have yet to visit this annual art event. Art collector and Member of the Council of National Gallery Australia (NGA), Jason Yeap invited a few art friends from Malaysia, Singapore and Australia to join him to visit this year’s exhibition in Jogjakarta with the theme ‘Changing Perspective’. Jason co-hosted a dinner at Black Goat Studios with special guest Kirsten Paisley, Deputy Director of NGA who gave a very inspiring speech on why Australia should consider Indonesian art. ARTJOG saw 73 local and international artists exhibiting hundreds of works at the Jogja National Museum. Among the artists were Angki Purbandono, Nicholas Saputra, Agus Suwage, I Nyoman Masriadi, Tromarama and Agan Harahap.


“小却令人印象深刻”可能是对ARTJOG的最佳注解,尤其是对于那些尚未有机会观赏年度艺术活动的人们而言。因此,艺术收藏家兼澳大利亚国家美术馆 (NGA) 理事会成员 – 叶绍礼 (Jason Yeap) 特别在印尼日惹 (Jogjakarta) 设置主题为“改变观点”的展会,邀请来自马来西亚、新加坡和澳大利亚的艺术界朋友们参加。叶绍礼与特别嘉宾Kirsten Paisley (NGA副总监) 在 Black Goat Studios 共同主持了晚宴,而后者也为澳大利亚应将印尼艺术纳入考虑范围发表了鼓舞人心的演说。ARTJOG在日惹国家博物馆举行,并展出数百件作品,共73位当地和国际艺术家参展。其中包括著名艺术家 Angki Purbandono、Nicholas Saputra、Agus Suwage、I Nyoman Masriadi,Tromarama和Agan Harahap。

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