Sky Titan 空中巨擘

Nivat Chantarachoti

General Manager of Thai Airways

“Thai Airways has an excellent safety record.”

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The young and cherub-face gentleman’s manner and appearance belie his age.  Well-suited, he steps into the room with an air of confidence and warmth albeit the black ribbon on his lapel, clearly still expressing his mourning for the loss of Thailand’s beloved King Bhumibol.  Thai national Nivat Chantarachoti is the general manager of Thai Airways International, overseeing Malaysia and Brunei, one of the most challenging and competitive air-travel routes in the world.  Currently pursuing his Doctorate Degree in Business Administration with the Business Science Institute of Luxembourg, his highly relevant research on ‘The Impact of Low-Cost Carriers in the Aviation Industry’ takes up the lion share of his time, when not in office.  However, he did not start out as a master of the sky initially.

Fresh out of college in Manila, Philippines, young Nivat Chantarachoti had a short stint as an English instructor with TOEIC (Test of English for International Communication), but he could not reign in his love for air travel and the mastering of business in new horizons.  So, he set his heart on joining Thai Airways, a move many of his fellow countrymen clamour for. “I joined Thai Airways in 1989, as a flight attendant.  It is the dream of new graduates to travel and see the world.  Therefore, it is the pride of most Thai people to work for Thai Airways because it is the national carrier of Thailand.  Furthermore, Thai Airways is a public enterprise and a very stable organisation,” he explains.

Nivat’s childhood spanned across a few continents. “My father is a Thai diplomat and we lived abroad most of our lives.

I spent several years living in Vientiane, New York, and Manila during my childhood.  I did most of my studies in the US and at an international school in Bangkok.  In the Philippines, I completed my Bachelor Degree in Computer Science when my father was with the Royal Thai Embassy in Manila.  I got my MBA while working for Thai Airways and am currently pursuing my PhD.”

Clocking an impressive 28 years with Thai Airways, Nivat has managed Thai Airways offices in Australia, France, Indonesia, Bangladesh, the Philippines and Switzerland before Malaysia and Brunei.  “My years as a flight attendant gave me valuable perspective and I was able to see and experience the destinations we are selling,” he gathers.

Thai Airways business slogan ‘The First Choice Carrier with Touches of Thai’ is not an easy goal to achieve. “Thai Airways has been around since 1960, making us 57 years old this year.  Our fleet of over 95 aircrafts fly to more than 80 destinations around the world,” Nivat announces with pride.    

“Thai people are famous for their kind hospitality or what is often referred to as ‘Thai-ness’.  This signature brand of hospitality is what sets us apart from the rest of the airlines.”

The next sentence Nivat utters is what every air passenger wants to hear these days, “Thai Airways has an excellent safety record.” Apart from safety, Thai Airways has been the winner of the Best Cabin Crew Award on numerous occasions.  “Our strategy is to differentiate our product.  We are renowned for our in-flight service called the Royal Orchid Service.  Thai people are famous for their kind hospitality or what is often referred to as ‘Thai-ness’.  This signature brand of hospitality is what sets us apart from the rest of the airlines,” Nivat adds.

Whatever little time this engaging personality has, after work and academic pursuits, is either spent on the treadmill at the gym or on a plush Thai Airways aircraft seat, bound for new destinations and exciting experiences in faraway lands.

cover1年轻的娃娃脸,加上绅士气度的外型让他适度隐藏实际年龄。仪表出众的他在步入房间时展现了自信温暖的氛围,而一缕黑色丝带依然别在他的领子,这是对泰国民众崇敬爱戴的普密蓬国王 (King Bhumibol) 的辞世表达哀悼之意。

身为泰国国际航空公司的总经理,泰籍的Nivat Chantarachoti 负责监管马来西亚和文莱的区域,可说是全球最具挑战性和竞争力的航空旅行路线之一。目前他在卢森堡商业科学研究所攻读工商管理博士学位,至于 “廉价航空对于航空工业的影响”的相关研究,已经占据了他工作之外的大部分时间。然而,他最初并没有成为空中主角的念头。在菲律宾马尼拉的学院毕业后,年轻的他为国际交流英语考试 (TOEIC) 担任短暂的英语讲师工作,但他无法抑制对航空旅行和开拓新业务视野的爱与渴望。所以,他跟随自己的意愿,加入泰国航空公司,这也是令他的同胞欣羡不已的举动。“我在1989年作为乘务员加入泰国航空公司,这是社会新鲜人梦想:旅行和看世界。而且在大多数泰国人感到自豪的泰航工作,泰航除了是国营航空公司的象征,也是非常稳定、实力强大的公共企业和组织。”他解释说。




至于泰国航空公司的口号:“触摸泰国的首选航空”不是一个轻易实现的目标。“泰航创立于1960年左右,今年57岁。我们有逾95架的飞机飞往世界各地80多个目的地。” Nivat 骄傲地宣布。

而接下来Nivat的宣称也是每个乘客最近想听到的。“泰国航空具备相当好的安全记录。”除了安全,泰航已多次在不同场合获得最佳乘务组奖。我们的战略是善于区分本身产品,并以空中的“皇家胡姬花服务”称誉。泰国人以独特的热情款待或所谓的“泰民族性”而闻名,也是殷勤好客的招牌使我们与其他航空公司有区别。” Nivat 补充说。


by Billie Ooi – Ng Lean Gaik

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