Swedish Artist Showcases the Art of Words 递送艺术箴言

ModernMantra Hermes Home_5.jpg

Swedish-born contemporary artist Thomas Broomé has been actively exhibiting his three-dimensional text art since 2006. Using 3D printing technology and power of calligrams to create drawings and sculptures, text is transformed into key furniture pieces from Hermès. His installation at Hermès Liat Towers, Singapore, connecting the visual and visceral, is inspired from the concept of ‘home’ and objects from the Hermès home universe. Viewers get to engage in a cosy apartment consists wholly of words that draw, shape and describe in rather deranged repetitive detail of each object.

 Hermès’ signature Pippa folding chair has the word “CHAIR” repeatedly printed on it, while the Hermès home valet has the word “VALET” encircling its outline – creating an atmospheric between the real and the false and multi-layered visual play with the eye. Other items including the steps and carpets are divided into two and three dimensions. ModernMantra (Hermès Home) turns our observation into fine line tickling the visual sense between words, visual engagement and reality.

ModernMantra Hermes Home_7.jpg

 “It is about the perception and the difference between what we know and what we see – and how sometimes the two are confused in our perception of things,” – Broomé.

ModernMantra (Hermès Home) continues the series of windows specially commissioned from guest artists around the world, which will be on display at Hermès store at 541 Orchard Road, Liat Towers, Singapore.

ModernMantra Hermes Home_9.jpg

Thomas Broomé,这名瑞典的当代艺术家,以3D文字展现流动婉转的艺术。自2006年开始,他利用3D打印技术和图形诗的优美成像力量创作图纸和雕塑,使文字箴言转化为爱马仕(Hermès)的家具配件主导设计。而灵感来自“家”的概念和爱马仕万有家园定义,他在新加坡 Liat Towers的爱马仕精品店内独具匠心的创作,撼动人们观感与内心。参观者可从舒适的空间观赏到由文字单词绘制、塑造和描述的每个物件,显得繁琐且重复细节。

爱马仕著名的Pippa折叠椅上反复印有“CHAIR”字样,家居多功能衣架上则以“VALET”单词围绕其轮廓,这也在真假映照多层视觉效果之间酝酿了一种氛围。其他物件包括台阶和地毯也分为平面与立体。 单词作画形式(Modern Mantra)将我们的观察扭转为浮动的视觉接触,陷入了虚实相间、亦真亦幻的意境。

“这是关于认知与视觉感受之区别-这两者有时会对我们在看法和判断上形成困惑。” Broomé表示。

Modern Mantra(爱马仕之家)将继续推出特别委托世界各地客座艺术家制作的设计橱窗系列,在新加坡乌节路541号的Liat Towers爱马仕店展出。

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