Glamour of the Roman Spirit 罗马精神的魅力

When charisma transcends confidence, femininity and seductiveness, beauty is poised around these reflections of the eyes. Bulgari’s recent exhibit of its “Magnificent Inspirations” High Jewelry Exhibition in Beijing revolves around three exquisite themes: Italian Extravaganza, Mediterranean Eden, and Roman Heritage.

The exhibition saw the attendance of Shu Qi – actress and Bulgari Brand Ambassador; and Carina Lau – actress and Bulgari High Jewelry Ambassador adorn some of the collections most incandescent jewelry with the background setting of the Maison, a place that perfectly matches the jewelry’s exquisite craftsmanship, its bold sense of heritage and the charming autumnal season.

10_Shu Qi at BVLGARI Magnificent Inspirations High Jewelry Exhibition.jpg
Shu Qi at BULGARI Magnificent Inspirations High Jewelry Exhibition
11_Carina Lau at BVLGARI Magnificent Inspirations High Jewelry Exhibition.jpg
Ambassador Carina Lau

04_BVLGARI High Jewelry necklace from Divas' Dream collection of Magnificent Inspirations, code 261519.jpg

The collection is inspired by the Mediterranean blue that captures the geometry of a sculpted garden, naiveté of a flower petal, and the sensuality of a supple serpent; the Roman sunset pink inspired by charming ancient Rome with the city’s architectural aesthetics and lastly, the ancient age of the golds highlighting the expressive and legendary skill and bold colours of Italian glamour.

 “This is the debut of the Magnificent Inspirations High Jewelry collection in China, following its launch in France. It’s a way to express our appreciation for China,” said Mr. Jean-Christophe Babin, CEO of Bulgari Group.

Among those in attendance also include Jean-Christophe Babin CEO of Bulgari Group; Lucia Silvestri Creative Director of Bulgari Jewelry and Antoine Pin Managing Director of Bulgari Greater China.

当魅力超越自信、温柔和诱惑时,美丽将酝酿环绕投射在眼眸。 宝格丽(Bulgari)最近在北京举行的“壮丽之灵感”高级珠宝展览围绕三个精妙主题:意大利式风华,浪漫地中海和古罗马遗迹。



“这是壮丽之灵感高级珠宝系列的首次亮相,紧接着会在巴黎推介,也表达我们对中国的感激与赞赏。”宝格丽集团首席执行员Jean-Christophe Babin 说。

珠宝展的出席者也包括宝格丽集团首席执行员Jean-Christophe Babin,宝格丽珠宝创意总监Lucia Silvestri和大中华区董事经理平兴韬。

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