Connecting Captains Capturing Contemporaries Hong Kong 捕捉现代典雅掠影香港

Talk to anyone that has visited Hong Kong before and most will tell you with confidence how one should go about visiting the island. Not to mention, there are plenty of information on the world wide web providing visitors with comprehensive to-do lists and how to go around doing it. In an attempt to bring readers beyond the normal and expected route, we have chosen a few interesting spot for those who would prefer a touch a elegance, class and style.

The Art of Collecting

Hong Kong has a long history of playing the middle man between East and West, hence making this a treasure island for collectors of arts and antiques especially Chinese artefacts. These highly sought-after items continue to see auction houses around the world hammering new record prices every now and then. Hollywood Road and its surrounding areas have historically been the hunting ground for many of such unique pieces  and continue to be a popular area for new discoveries. A note of caution to those who may have stumbled across a good art deal, which more than likely be forged or copied artwork professionally crafted to look just like the real deal. Be prepared to make a purchase with the absolute knowledge of the artwork and mindful that you can always go away and do a little research before coming back with an offer.

Pearl Lam Galleries in Pedder Building nearby is a respected art gallery that plays a vital role in promoting Chinese and Asian contemporary art. This unique gallery is committed to encouraging cross cultural exchange and stimulating international dialogues. A few other art galleries are also located in the same building. Another interesting art gallery to visit is none other than the Opera Gallery on Wyndham Street. With a headquarter based in Paris, this well-established international chain of galleries, is one of the leading dealers in modern and contemporary art.




驻扎毕打行的 “艺术门画廊- Pearl Lam Galleries”是相当受推崇的艺术画廊,它在促进中国和亚洲当代艺术起着关键作用。这家独特的画廊致力于跨文化交流与倡导国际对话,而一些艺术画廊也设在同一大楼,其中最吸引人的是云咸街的“Opera Gallery”,这个总部设在巴黎,颇具规模的国际连锁画廊,是现代与当代艺术的主要经销商之一。


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