An Intricate Parcel of Goodness 五味缠结的精华包裹

Asian traditional cooking is one of the world’s longest living history passed on, barely in written form, but significant to the people surrounding its existence. Over generations, Asian culinary skills remain the highlight and a boasting element of the community in the Eastern culture. From hosting guests in your home to celebrating a special event, food, prepared with much care and complexity represent the respect and the level of importance for those who savour them. One such delicacy that continues to be a favourite among many is the rice with assorted meat served in lotus leave recipe. Normally served hot directly from the kitchen’s steamers, this intricate packet is typically wrapped in softened lotus leave filled with rice, chestnuts, meat, sausage, yam and beans. Discover Maple Palace’s own interpretation of this southern China dish.

Right in the heart of the business district of George Town, Maple Palace is Penang’s prime exponent of the alluringly exquisite and mouth-watering Chinese cuisine. Maple Palace is distinct in its approach to traditional Asian cooking and set the bar high amongst its peers to serve its own interpretation with an avant-garde approach.



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