Effortless Inspired 创想翱翔

Fashion and Lifestyle trends in today’s fast-paced, instant-connected world are in a constant flux. Shifting and simultaneously changing according to season, Schwarzkopf Professional, one of the world’s top hair fashion trendsetters, adapts the ever-changing scene taking inspiration from international fashion runways, social elite and the A-listers appearing on the front row seats at private events and fashion shows. While the Autumn/Winter season of 2016 signifies yet another iconic time in the fashion world, it is a time where personal fashion statement meets exquisite tastes.

“Trends today reflect how our society is evolving and the way we actually live,” said Simon Ellis, International Creative Director of Schwarzkopf Professional.”

Schwarzkopf Professional’s ESSENTIAL LOOKS Flex Collection 02/2016 for this season includes GENDERLESS that pays tribute to the appearance of gender-neutral clothing and hair styling; ATHLEISURE that took inspiration from the urban Sports Luxe trend and lastly, KOOLBLOND’s effortless cool of the Scandic ice-blondes.



“今日的时尚潮流体现出时下社会的演变过程,以及我们现实生活中的生存之道,”Schwarzkopf Professional国际创意总监Simon Ellis表示。”

Schwarzkopf Professional今季呈献的ESSENTIAL LOOKS Flex系列02/2016,关键设计包括向中性服扮与发型致敬的GENDERLESS;灵感撷自都市奢华运动风的ATHLEISURE,以及北欧冰雪白境的KOOLBLOND。

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