Relationship 亲情牵心

PINKGUY Gallery hosted Asian sculptor Chng Huck Theng’s bronze work for the second time entitled ‘Relationship’. 



The exhibition was probably the first of its kind in Malaysia where there was only one artwork on display and it was kept in an exclusively handcrafted blue wooden box specially designed to keep the bronze sculpture. Guests were kept wondering if there was an exhibition as there were no signs of sculptures being displayed like the previous one. The official unveiling of the sculpture was by none other than the Director General of National Visual Art Gallery Malaysia Dato Dr Mohamed Najib Ahmad Dawa. The gallery managed to secure ten pieces from a limited edition of seventeen for this exhibition. Owner of PINKGUY Gallery Winson Loh said that he always has confidence in Chng’s work as it is not only unique but it carries meaning. Eighty percent exhibited were collected on the night.

Collector : Dr Alan Lu (center)
Collector : Tony Hii with his wife
Collector : Miew Kee & Boon Siong
Collector : Vincent Lee, Mr & Mrs C.H.Lee
Collector : Rory A Coughlin
Collector : Jonathan Chow
Mr Kong Kin Ong

Inspired by the fact that an ordinary civilian plane MH17 could just be shot down from the air by a missile even when it was unprovoked, Ch’ng was saddened by the unfortunate incident but he chose to reflect his feelings and emotion by creating the sculpture ‘Relationship’ which captures the essence that reminds people not to take life or relationship for granted as it may be here today and gone tomorrow. The sculpture depicts an old man and a little girl standing on a wreckage looking up to the sky, wondering what they would have done otherwise if time could be reversed.

Living life, loving someone and caring for others only make sense if they are still alive. Regretting after everything has gone is meaningless.

PINKGUY画廊举办亚洲当代雕塑家庄学腾 2016年第二次青铜作品展 “亲情牵心”。

这是马来西亚首次举办的特别展出,因为会场只有一个艺术作品。有一个特别设计的蓝色木箱,把独家手工制作的青铜雕塑保存在内。它引起参观者的疑惑和怀疑,这场展览会是否真在进行中?因为这不像马来西亚国家视觉艺术画廊总监拿督莫哈末纳吉博阿末达瓦博士主持开幕礼,画廊在十七项限量版作品中,收藏了10项。另外,策展人 Winson Loh非常喜爱庄学腾的作品,其中八个雕塑也已经找到买家了。



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