BULLSEYE! Art Stage Singapore resiliently hits the mark 射中靶心! 新加坡艺术舞台击中目标

For the sixth year in a row, Art Stage Singapore has brought Southeast Asian art to the forefront of international art market. The anchor event of Singapore Art Week was held at the Marina Bay Sands Expo and Convention Centre from 21 Jan to 24 this year.

Art Stage Singapore has long been the summit for serious collectors from Southeast Asia and beyond, a fact further proven by attendance of respected international art collectors and experts such as celebrity auctioneer Simon de Pury, architect Rem Koolhaas; and leading collectors Alain Servais (Belgium), Daisuke Miyatsu (Japan), and Deddy Kusuma (Indonesia).

Art Stage Singapore 2016_Yudi Sulistyo_World Without Sea_presented by ARNDT
World Without Sea by Yudi Sulistyo

Highlight of Art Stage Singapore 2016 was the Southeast Asia Forum that explored the bridge between the art market and the non-commercial facets of contemporary art. Encapsulating this idea was the exhibition ‘Seismograph: Sensing the City – Art In the Urban Age’ that successfully underscored the significance of contemporary art in developing the modern society.

Despite facing a gloomy economy and experiencing a dip in the number of visitors, Art Stage Singapore saw favourable sales. Among the top selling artists and artworks at Art Stage include Yayoi Kusama whose works fetched USD1.2 million and Chun Kwang Young who saw one of its works fetching USD 175,000.


新加坡艺术博览会俨然是高端收藏家的东南亚峰会,出席的包括国际艺术收藏家和著名拍卖商: Simon de Pury, 建筑师Rem Koolhaas,收藏家  Alain   Servais(比利时), 宫津大辅(日本)与  Deddy   Kusuma(印尼)。

2016年新加坡艺术博览会的亮点东南亚论坛,也探讨竖立在艺术市场之间桥梁和非商业的当代艺术。而封装这个概念的展览“地动仪”:感知城市 – 艺术在城市时代”,成功突显了当代艺术在发展现代社会的关键意义。

Art Stage Singapore 2016_Yinka Shonibare MBE_Alien Man on Flying Machine, Alien Woman on Flying Machine, Alien Child _presented by Pearl Lam Galleries
Alien Woman on Flying Machine by Yinka Shonibare MBE


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