Staged for Stardom 璀璨盛开

Joanne Yew
Malaysian Artiste

Locally produced blockbuster “The Journey” released in 2014, whilst having reeled in positive reviews for her lead role as Ah Bee, marks Joanne Yew’s debut into film. The icing to the cake was the eye-opening discovery that blood is indeed thicker than water. Taking on the part taught her plenty on a personal level as well as helped her become more appreciative of her family and the bond shared with those whom she knows care deeply about her.


Thanks to the vast exposure gained in conjunction with the aforementioned milestone, she feels exceedingly humbled by the privilege to have starred in a production that went onto to put her on the map. As she prepares for her next project, Yew has set aside some time to pursue a season of leisurely travel with loved ones. Although the opportunity for respite in now within reach, her career is every bit a demanding undertaking.

Naturally, the tremendous success she currently enjoys wasn’t built overnight. Equipped with the determination to attain perfection with every career-inspired endeavour, each take on set regardless of length of shoot, is executed with absolute finesse to the point of faultlessness. On top of being a meticulous doer, Yew relishes acting roles that are the complete opposite of her personality; a good challenge easily gets her motor running.

Funny business

Unsurprisingly, new experiences inspire her, creating room for self-improvement. As much as this is true, Yew’s next desired feat to tackle is venturing into the comedic aspect of television. As easy as the genre might appear, it entails the personification of precise body language and subtle emotions to elevate a character and scene. Clearly it isn’t for everyone, considering the rigorous technique and skill level involved in flawless embodiment.

Believing she has what it takes, the actress intends to expand her portfolio to include comedy. In addition, fascinated by her brave yet elegant style, Yew aspires to someday work with TV giant Jun Ji Hyun, and won’t rest until the dream is realised. Seeing that The Journey has been by far her biggest accomplishment, many doors have since opened, enabling her to explore new territories and un-turn stones previously foreign.

Journeying beyond

Incidentally, her latest movie dubbed ATM added the avenue to rub shoulders with the entertainment industry’s elite of Hong Kong, many of whom she’d had wanted to work with. Although she hasn’t given it much thought, she is open to the idea of taking to Hong Kong should the opportunity arise. However, being a Chinese who is fluent Korean, she is certainly looking to expand her presence into the said Eastern market.

Being a multi-tasking talent is no easy feat—especially since she is both an actress and a model. Juggling the two different yet similar careers comes down to meticulous time management and absolute camera-readiness. Yet, she favours the former over the latter. “I prefer acting as I find playing someone’s life more enticing. It isn’t easy to adapt to a character in an audience-worthy manner, so acting is a very interesting process,” Yew tells Essenze.

“Off the set, Yew takes pleasure in relaxing at home; it is why her abode is a sanctuary that celebrates her favourite music as well as need for sensually-pleasing aromatics and uninterrupted bliss for the ultimate encounter with tranquility.”   

Limelight worthy

Despite her widespread success and the glamour associated with her line of work, the film star confesses that had she not ventured into the aforementioned arenas, she would have delved into sales and marketing with a focus on skincare. As to why, she says servicing a client in need and offering helpful advice on good product choices are an appealing proposition. But for the time being, she’s set on taking her acting to even greater heights.

For her, being a public figure literally means having to be in the spotlight all the time, which itself poses its own challenges. In fact, the hardest part she notes is, having to introspectively determine ways to better herself in every aspect of her job and self. The perpetual scrutiny is something she is always mindful of; one misstep and it could signify the end of the road. Therefore, her commitment to positivism helps her maintain a healthy attitude and outlook.


Off the set, Yew takes pleasure in relaxing at home; it is why her abode is a sanctuary that celebrates her favourite music as well as need for sensually-pleasing aromatics and uninterrupted bliss for the ultimate encounter with tranquility. Busy or not, nothing takes priority over her family; they’re the reward which matters to her the most. Finally, as she is an avid fan of property development, a personal aim is to develop her personal concept of the perfect dwelling place. 

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