Fair Businesswoman goes for Italian Flair 美丽女企业家转向意大利风情

Dato’ Dr Wenddi Anne Chong
Owner of Marianis@7
images by Dato’ Kee Hua Chee

At first or even second glance, Dato’ Dr Wenddi Anne Chong looks like an archetypal IT Girl, rich tai-tai or spoiled daughter of millionaire with her 3 supercars. She is neither as she is basically a self-made, self-written success story. Though hailing from a well-off family, she takes great pride in buying the Porsche 911 Turbo S, Ferrari 430 Spyder and Lamborghini Gallardo with her own funds. And entering history as Malaysia’s first and only female restauranteur to own this trio of supercars.

Looking at the fashionably clad, perennial habitant of best-dressed lists, one can scarcely believe Dato’ Dr Wenddi Anne Chong graduated as mechanical engineer! True to form, that did not last long as she preferred visiting clubs and horse races in feathery hats than construction sites in hard hats!

I also modelled as back in the Eighties, you did not need to be 178 cm to model, I wanted to see the world but dad refused to finance a year of nonstop travel and accommodation so I joined Singapore Airlines! ”

Born in Malaysia, her parents moved to Singapore at 8 but she is now Malaysian resident. She joined Singapore’s Ministry of Education as public relations officer after abandoning engineering. While clubbing, she was enamoured with deejaying and with her natural sparkling personality, was swiftly scouted and trained by Juliana’s of London to be Singapore’s first batch of female deejays, spinning tracks at Xanadu in Shangri-la, then Singapore’s hottest joint.

Twelve years later she left as Chief Stewardess and Trainer. “I was Best Trainee of 1996 and my name is still in the honor board of SIA Training Centre.” She decamped to Kuala Lumpur in 1990 to be with her beau and co-founded Damansara Fertility Clinic which evolved into Damansara Women’s Specialist Centre which morphed into TMC Fertility Centre which was public listed in 2005.

Dato’ Dr Wenddi Anne Chong was co-founder, shareholder and executive director of TMC Life Sciences involved in fertility clinics, stem cell therapy, medical storage and laboratories listed on the Main Board of Bursa Malaysia. She implemented training programmes and during her time TMC Life Sciences achieved major milestones of which she is justifiably proud.

She also currently helping to spearhead healthcare tourism with Malaysia’s Ministry of Health, MATRADE, MIDA and Malaysia Tourism Board. She is advisory committee member of Malaysia Healthcare Travel Council, PEMANDU and Negeri Sembilan Chinese Maternity Hospital.

She is a member of International Society for Stem Cell Research, American Society of Reproductive Medicine, European Society of Human Reproduction and Embroyology, Women Institute of Management, Kiwanis Club and Lions Club which awarded her their coveted International Recognition Award by Lion’s International President.

Despite her hectic schedule, she finds time for energetic fund-raising for Yayasan Tuanku Nur Zahirah, Tunku Azizah Fertility Foundation, Rumah HOPE, Ipoh Children’s Home and other deserving causes and charities.

Her list of awards and achievements include ARFF Women Entrepreneur of 2010, Business Excellence Award for Best Company in Science and Technology, ASEAN Technology Business Review CEO Award, L’Oreal Woman of Excellence, Women’s Weekly Woman of Excellence, CHT Entrepreneur Award in Healthcare and Woman of Substance by Malaysia Tatler alongside Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad, Tan Sri Francis Yeoh, Tan Sri Lim Goh Tong and Tan Sri Tony Fernandes.

She was included in Malaysia’s 10 Most Influential and Stylish Personalities 2010 and accorded Most Stylish Muse 2010.

Now residing in Ipoh, Dato’ Dr Wenddi Anne Chong operates and owns Marianis@7, touted as best value fine dining Italian restaurant in Ipoh.

“I love Italian food, fashion and architecture and my partner Khim used to work for an Italian restaurant chain so opening an Italian restaurant comes naturally. Oh, I also love Italian sports cars!”

F_ 01 Dato' Dr Wenddi Anne Chong wordpress

如果仅凭第一眼感觉,拿督蔣慧瑩看起来就像一个IT女白领、典型富太太或被宠坏的百万富翁女儿,加上3部超级跑车的衬托。事实上,她是自己谱写成功故事的精英女性。虽然出自富裕家庭,但所拥有的保时捷 911 Turbo S、法拉利 430 Spyder 和兰博基尼 Gallardo 系列是靠自己赚回来,成为马来西亚首名配置超级跑车的餐厅女老板。





她也是国际干细胞研究学会、美国生育医学协会、欧洲人类生育与坯胎学、女性管理学院、Kiwanis Club的会员,而作为国际狮子会成员,她获得梦寐以求的国际认可奖,由国际狮子会总会长颁发。尽管繁忙,她还是为Tuanku Nur Zahirah基金会、Tunku Azizah助孕基金会、希望之家,怡保儿童之家等公益事业与慈善机构出力或筹募基金。

她接受的奖励与成就包括2010年ARFF最佳女性企业家、科技领域最佳公司-商业卓越奖、东盟科技商业评论CEO大奖、欧莱雅卓越女性奖、每周女性卓越女性奖、CHT大奖保健领域企业家奖,《尚流》杂志马来西亚版选为实质女性,并与前首相敦马哈迪医生、丹斯里杨肃斌,丹斯里林梧桐和丹斯里Tony Fernandes等相提并论。

她也曾入围2010年马来西亚十大最具影响和时尚风格榜。蔣慧瑩目前定居在怡保,并经营一家名为Marianis@7,深具口碑的意大利餐厅。“我热爱意大利菜、时尚与建筑,而我的拍档Khim曾在一家意大利餐厅连锁店工作,所以经营一家意大利餐厅好像理所当然。哦,我也喜欢意大利跑车!” 而她固定穿梭于怡保-吉隆坡,家中有6只狗狗,享受着温馨的生活。


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