Runway Revolution 时尚伸展台大革命

Jakarta Fashion Week is a driving platform for Indonesian fashion industry. As the major fashion week in Indonesia, Jakarta Fashion Week aims to provide direction for Indonesian fashion industry and demonstrate the talents and creativity of the fashion workers in the country. This year fashion designer Rinaldy A.Yanuardi stood out as one of the most creative designers. Invited guests were amazed by the models walking down the runway with Rinaldy’s latest new contemporary collection with a touch of traditional yet dramatic creativity.


本地著名的服装设计师 Rinaldy A. Yanuardi 获得了今年度最创意设计师的荣誉。被邀请的嘉宾们都被他所精心设计的作品感到惊喜。Rinaldy 把现代时尚混合了一些复古的元素,产生了戏剧性的火花。

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