Ducati & Italia Join Forces 杜卡迪和独立意大利携手合作

Ducati Scrambler and Italia Independent presented their new creations in Miami during the week of the prestigious contemporary art exhibition “Art Basel”. The two luxury brands launched a new limited edition Ducati Scrambler and a collection of dedicated sunglasses inspired by the “Land of Joy,” the theme that characterizes the iconic motorbike made in Bologna, Italy.

This three-years global partnership would see Ducati and Italia for the first time creating an incredible mix of Made in Italy style and creativity. The focus of the collaboration is Ducati Scrambler, the brand created by Ducati to interpret the values of the iconic 1970s motorbike, introduced in the United States and shortly after achieving international acclaim. A special logo, representing the union of the two different souls from which the project originated, has been designed to characterize the products that will be developed together. It is expected that great care and attention to detail from a combination inherent characteristics of Ducati and Italia Independent to amaze those that of exquisite taste.

意大利顶级摩托车品牌杜卡迪和著名太阳眼镜品牌独立意大利联手合作,在迈阿密的“巴塞尔艺术展”上推出了他们所打造的全新产品。意大利两个高端品牌共同发布了这款全球限量版的 Ducati   Scrambler 摩托和一系列启发自“Land of Joy”的时尚太阳眼镜。这个主题把出产自意大利博洛尼亚 Ducati   Scrambler 独一无二的特征带出来。

经过三年的全球伙伴关系,杜卡迪和独立意大利第一次携手推出了这个创意独特而蕴涵着意大利时尚精髓的产品。这次的合作主要是为了推广Ducati   Scrambler,这个品牌的诞生完美的把70年代附有代表性的摩托车普及至整个美国,而且在短短的时间内,已获得国际性的认可。一个精致的徽标代表着这两个完全不同品牌的结合,一起为市场创造出这个具有代表性的制作。为了打造一个独特而附有细节特色的产品,杜卡迪和独立意大利两大杰出品牌联手合作,相信将会吸引更多懂得品味人生之人!

Image Courtesy of image.net

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